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Santosh-Shobhan-Like-Share-and-Subscridbe-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Viplav (Santosh Shobhan) is a travel vlogger running a YouTube channel Guvva Vihari. Vasudha (Faria Abdullah) has similar interests but is from a wealthy background. How do they meet and get unexpectedly connected to a Naxal movement?

Who are the Naxals, what are their flashback, and how does everything come together at the end is the story.

Santosh Shobhan is slowly establishing himself as a hero. Like Share & Subscribe is his fifth outing. He has shown skills related to dialogue delivery, comedy timing, and a little drama. In his latest film, Santosh Shoban gets nothing new. We have seen him do everything before. There are glimpses of his comic ability, and that’s it. Like Share & Subscribe is a forgettable fare in his short career.

Faria Abdullah has an even shorter career, and the same (as the hero) holds true for her. There are a few moments that show her effort and flair for comedy. But there is nothing else to talk about.

Merlapaka Gandhi of Venkatadri Express and Express Raja fame directs Like, Share & Subscribe. It is a comedy outing, mainly with a serious backdrop.

The film opens on a serious note making one wonder how it could be linked to the main story. Well, soon, things become clear, even though confusion prevails. So, the narrative takes place in the ’90s. It is why we have the Naxals, but then again, the ‘vlogging’ and ‘YouTube culture doesn’t add up. But that takes a backseat to the more significant issues.

The comedy doesn’t work. The director’s unique set-up is all nice, and it instantly connects with the latest generation, but the gags still have to work for the idea to have an impact. Here Like, Share & Subscribe falters.

The flat proceedings and weak story leave one tired. The writing is bland, and only a few jokes land. And when a narrative is entirely based on entertainment, it automatically starts to bore.

There are layers to the proceedings, and the difference in comedy is there, one involving vlogging and its related circumstances and the other being Naxalism. These are not mixed seamlessly, further complicating the narrative and making it look disjointed and messy.

There is a twist in the tale around the interval mark, which hardly registers. One looks forward to the second half to see if there is any improvement in the writing and entertainment, but that doesn’t happen.

The second half has more chaos and messiness with its different characters coming together. There are satires, black comedy, routine comedy and other styles mixed together, leaving one perplexed. A particular segment involving rating makes us wonder if the director had rated the movie at the script level itself, what would have been its fate?

Amidst all these, one wonders where the film is heading and what it wants to convey. Is this an outright absurd comedy, a dark comedy, a fun-filled adventure ride with a message and so on? It is that messy. Therefore, one shouldn’t be surprised if some give up on the movie long before it ends.

Merlapaka Gandhi is known for his comic writing. He has delivered some funny outings, even if they have had some issues narratively. There is a tinge of wackiness. However, they are all coming down with each new presentation. Like, Share & Subscribe is his weakest yet.

Overall, Like, Share & Subscribe has a decent core idea for a laugh riot. But, the bland writing and meandering narrative make it a boring and tiresome watch. The uneven proceedings further kill the interest. It makes for a lousy outing on the big screen or, for that matter, any screen.

Faria-Abdullah-Like-Share-and-Subscridbe-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
There are a few notable faces in the movie besides the lead pair. Brahmaji easily stands out among them. He has a significant part in the second half and does well in whatever is given to him. One only wishes there was better writing to make it a memorable role. Sudarshan is seen playing a big role alongside the hero. He is all right doing his usual, but one can feel the repetitiveness.

Sapthagiri shines in a scene, whereas Aadukalam Naren is wasted. Mirchi Kiran is okay, and so is Raghubabu, even though he has far less screen time. The rest of the actors are forgettable.

Music Director Ram MiriyalaMusic and Other Departments?
Praveen Lakkaraju and the man of the moment, Ram Miriyala, compose the music for Like, Share & Subscribe. Merlapaka Gandhi has a knack for decent music, and we see that here as well. The background score, too, is alright.

A Vasanth’s cinematography is neat. The movie bears a quality look, even if it’s a medium to low-budget affair. Ramu Tumu’s editing could have been better. The writing, as mentioned previously, is bland and is a critical factor along with the story and screenplay to bring down the movie’s impact.

Few Comedy Scenes

Lack Of Strong Conflict

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Like Share & Subscribe Movie Review by Mirchi9

Like Share & Subscribe Movie Review

Final Report:

Merlapaka Gandhi comes with another unique idea, but it doesn’t work. It bores us to death and ends as a lesson to young filmmakers to not just be excited with a ‘new-age’ concept alone. A tidy narrative must hold attention where Like Share & Subscribe fails big time.

— Comedian Saptagiri acts as reviewer and rates a film 0.25/5.

— Like, Share & Subscribe second half started. Brahmaji and his group along with vloggers traveling in a forest.

First Half Report:

The idea of YouTube travel vlog is stretched beyond necessary in Like Share And Subscribe first half. There are hardly any laughs either. The second half is crucial now and we have to see if things improve or not.

— Santosh Shobhan wants to make his Guvva Vihari YouTube channel popular and earn money. He is on a travel with his friend to shoot videos.

— Like, Share & Subscribe show started in Visakhapatnam in beach. Hero Santosh Shobhan opens his flashback. Digital rights with SonyLIV.

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Starring – Santosh Shobhan , Faria Abdullah , Brahmaji, Sudharshan, Naren, Mime Gopi, Govind Padmasurya, Sapthagiri, Babloo, Mirchi Kiran, Phani

Director – Merlapaka Gandhi
Producer – Venkat Boyanapalli
Banners – Aamuktha Creations , Niharika Entertainment
Music Composers – Praveen Lakkaraju, Ram Miriyala
Executive Producer – Venkatratnam
Dop – A Vasanth
Art Director – Avinash Kolla
Editor – Ramu Tumu
Costume Designer – Neeraja Kona
Choreographers – Bhanu Master
Publicity Designer-Dhani Aelay

Like Share & Subscribe Movie Review by Mirchi9