Life is Beautiful Telugu Movie Review

life-is-beautiful-ReviewTHE BOTTOM LINE
Watch the film with low expectation & when you have ample time to spare.

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What is ‘Life is Beautiful’ about?
Movie is about three youngsters Srinu, Nagaraj and Abhi’s realization of life while trying to exploring their love interests. Movie takes a turn when they see an unexpected life changing event to one of their closed ones. Rest of the movie is about how they worked towards their goals.

Sekhar KammulaIs this a perfect Sekhar Kammula film?
Yes, to the most extent.

Is it only for A class audience?
Of course.

How is the direction?
The Theme of the movie is not anything new. But Sekhar Kammula managed to bring in good humor during the first half. Dragged Second half is a let down.

Akkineni-amalaHow is Amala?
Amala’s come back has lot of expectations but the role in the movie is a key role but she has very little to offer. You will see her few mins when the movie opens and a little bit towards the Climax.

So many new comers, How did they perform?
Absolutely well performed. Sekhar brought out the needed talent out of these rookies.

Shriya SaranWhat about Shriya and Anjala?
Shriya takes the precedence over Anjala’s role. Characterization of Anjala was unnecessary. Veteran Shriya looks dominating and older with the new comers and young actors on the screen.

mickey-j-meyerHow is Mickey J. Meyer’s Music?
As usual, the songs as well as the background score is good. Perfect for Sekhar’s trademark movie.

How are the songs on screen?
A balanced picturization accompanied Mickey J Meyer’s songs with crisp locations and situations.

How is the Cinematography?
Very good . Vijay’s brought out the exquisite line and colors to the screen.

What are the highlights?
Fresh feel with the youngsters
Comedy scenes between Abhi and Paru (Shreya).
Nagraj’s Telangana slang
Last but not the least Sekhar’s taking

What about its box office prospects?
Since its Sekhar’s film it carries high expectations in A class centers. However, let’s see how the ‘feel good’ lengthy 169 minute movie will be received by the audience. The Box office success depends on how youth would receive this movie.

Did I enjoy it?
Not fully.

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