Not Lying – It’s Boring


UA Certified, 2hrs 25 Minutes

NithiinWhat is the film LIE about?
To catch a wanted criminal Central Intelligence Of India stars Operation Sholey. How different characters Satyam (Nithin), Chaitra (Megha Aakash), and Aadi (Sriram), knowingly and unknowingly become part of the operation and how love develops between Satyam and Chaitra amidst all the happening is what the film is about?

How is Nithiin’s performance?
Nithiin is confident and goes with his work clinically. The movie offers nothing special performance wise. It is a stylish outing with fun thrown in equal doses. The actor is good on both the counts, but there is nothing else to talk about.

Hanu RagavapudiDirection By Hanu Ragavapudi?
It is the third film of Hanu Raghavapudi. He does his job with a great dedication which shows on screen regarding making and other attention to detail. But, sometimes being over earnest one loses the sight of things that lay in front of him in search to greater things. It is the problem with LIE.

There is a good story, but the screenplay lacks cohesiveness and tight narration. One loses interest within the first ten minutes itself. There is so much happening, and an audience is left gasping at what is going on. And since it happens so quickly many don’t even realize what has transpired the current action in the narrative. There are good moments intermittently like the interval and few twists, but those are few and far in between.

Leaving aside the main story, the love track is the weakest amongst the three films of Hanu Raghavapudi. He has created a small niche in that space along with song picturization, in LIE he has disappointed on both the scores. The entire love track including the song placement is terrible throughout. In the end, no one cares about it. The main thriller narrative too loses interest post intermission. The climax is just overdrawn, lengthy and lacks any intelligence. LIE is a terrible waste of resources and time in the end.

Megha AkashMegha Akash and others?
Megha Aakash looks lovely, and that’s it about her. She has a very poorly written role and is so not required to the central narrative that one wouldn’t feel anything missing if her entire track is cut out. It’s that useless. Arjun is given a terrific role, and he performs it with a glint in his eyes. The joy can be seen on his face, but in a mediocre film, it doesn’t matter in the end. Ravi Kishan and Sriram are fine in their roles. Nassar and Ajay’s play completely clueless roles with no conviction.

Mani SharmaMusic and other departments?
Mani Sharma has come up with a chartbuster number, and it has been shot and utilized well on screen. The background score is terrific. The cinematography is first rate. Editing is neat. Dialogues are okay.

Arjun SarjaHighlights?
Basic story
Interval twist

Muddled narrative
Second half
Love track

SrikanthAlternative Take
Stick to the thriller format and remove or cut short the love track. Or integrate the love track into the thriller narrative by making it an integral part of it.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?
Only to those who want anything different.

LIE Review by Siddartha Toleti

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Final Report:

Lie is not impressive. Unconvincing logic is used for mind games throughout the film adding to its weak plot. Overall Lie is a below average film. Watch out for our frank review shortly here.

– Madhunandan comedy track as hero’s friend could have been better.

– Mani Sharma’s BGM is good.

– Chartbuster tune’Bombhaat’ song shot well.

– Megha Akash is alright. Nothing specific to talk about her performance or looks.

– Senior actors like Arjun and Nassar does their routine for the roles they were offered.

First Half Report:

Lie has a below average to average first half. Logic goes for big toss through out. It’s stylish but not engaging. First twist comes at the interval so let’s wait for the second half.

– Now all the lead cast of the movie is in US.

– In the meantime cops starts mission ‘Sholay’ to catch Arjun in US. Ravi Kishan (who usually plays negative roles in films) lead the mission ‘Sholay’ from India and Sriram follows his instructions in US.

– Satyam (Nithiin), a reckless youth wants go to US to marry a rich girl. Chaitra (Mega Akash) agrees to marry someone to tour nice locations like US but the wedding gets cancelled for a silly reason. Travel agent sets Chaitra and Satyam gotogether on US trip.

– It takes few minutes to get used to see Nithiin in long beard but he looks good after watching for few minutes.

– Lie started with an interesting episode of Arjun escaping cops.

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Preview: Lie

Nithin’s ‘Lie‘ is coming at a juncture when he scored a blockbuster with Trivikram directorial ‘A… Aa…’ in both domestic markets and overseas. He took a long gap to come back with his next movie taking care he plans his moves properly to cash on the blockbuster he has got.

Nithin’s movies worked well whenever there was an interesting idea told in an interesting manner like his Ishq’ and ‘Gundejaari Gallanthayyinde’. If this movie opens well and if there is a positive word of mouth, it would be a sure hit.

But, there is competition from two movies namely ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’ and ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’. Only the content will speak for these three movies. Pre-Independence holiday season is going to help big time for the openings.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi has delivered a decent hit with his previous movie ‘Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha’. If this movie turns out to be a hit, it would be a great help to this director who began direction with ‘Andala Rakshasi’ which is considered a classic of the contemporary period.

With fresh face like Megha Akash making her debut with ‘Lie‘, the youngsters might be attracted towards her refreshing looks if she has a substantial role to enchant the youth. Hanu Raghavapudi’s heroines always had a lion’s share in the narrative of his story.

Not to forget, there is senior actor Arjun playing a negative role for the first time. His presence will certainly create interest among the audiences. The casting of the film looks impressive and it is left to see how the director made the most of their talents.

Need we talk about the music director of the movie? Mani Sharma, the king of the background music can work wonders to create an overall impact for an engaging story.

What would be the fate of ‘Lie last ‘ with so many positive factors and a talented young hero teamed up with a talented young director? The full review is only a few hours away and we’ll know how the director told this ‘Lie’. Stay tuned for Lie movie review shortly.