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Its ‘Legend’ show all the way.

“A” certified 160 Minutes

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Legend Review
What is “Legend” about?
Legend is basically a revenge drama loaded with high voltage action sequences and sentiment intermittently. Jitender (Jagapathi Babu) tries to avenge the death of his father by killing the family responsible for it. How one man stands for the family and stops it from being annihilated and completes his revenge in the process is in short Legend.

How is Balakrishna’s performance?
Balakrishna plays two characters in the film and when one says that you know what’s coming your way. We have a colorful and youthful Balakrishna on one side and then the powerful and full of attitude Balakrishna on the other side. As one would expect the powerful Balakrishna with loads of attitude shines and rocks the show. Be it the action sequences or the lengthy dialogues or little emotions, Balakrishna provides a one man roller-coaster ride with his performance and elevates the film.

Legend Review
Direction by Boyapti Srinu?
Direction by Boyapati Sreenu is pretty standard fare. He has taken a simple story without anything complicated and as we all know for such stories to work the screenplay has to be fast paced and engaging. The director manages that in his narrative at the most crucial parts and that is his major victory. The film has an average first half that is ended on a brilliant note at interval point. The momentum is carried forward in the second half till the flashback is over and post that he wraps up the film quickly. Props to him once again for presenting Balakrishna powerfully as fans expect and through this alone he manages to engage us for most part of the film.

Legend Review

Jagapathi Babu and other artists performance?

Jagapathi Babu as Jitender is a very crucial part in the narrative of the film. As we have said the story is nothing new but it’s his casting that brings novelty to an otherwise predictable story. He is given a good character that after a point looses the impact but by then the job is done and he creates a mark. Sonal Chauhan (Sneha) is alright. She looks too young besides Balakrishna though unlike Radhika Apte who also has similar problems but over comes it with good character and little bit of action. Brahmanandan as Gundu Manikyam is okay at best. Suman and others do their routine bit parts.

Legend Review
How is DSP’s Music and others?
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is pretty average one but as has been happening a lot lately, he saves the day with his scintillating background score. Cinematography is good, it gives the film a rich look. Editing is fine. The average songs are saved by some decent picturization and the choreographers deserves credit for that. Balakrishna, keeping the age in mind, has done a very good job with dances.

Legend Review
Legend Balakrishna’s and his body language.
Jagapathi Babu.
High voltage action sequences.
Sharp politically loaded dialogues.
DSP’s background score.

Too much of blood and gore.
Lack of entertainment.

Legend Review
What about the box office performance of the film?
The film has opened to good reports all over. Occupancies have been great in smaller centers and good in the multiplex dominated A centers for the morning shows. Depending on how the talk stabilizes by the evening one could come to a conclusion regarding the range of the film at box office but right now things are looking positive and in all probability a hit for Balakrishna is on cards.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes for mass movie lovers.


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Reviewed by Siddhartha