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Bland and Borning


‘U’ Certified, 2h 21m.

Naga Shaurya - Lakshya Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Pardhu (Naga Shaurya) is a child prodigy in archery. His father was also an archer, but unfortunately, he failed to win a championship for the country. The movie’s basic plot is how Pardhu achieves the goal aided, initially by Grandfather Raghu Ramaiah (Sachin Khedekar) and later, a blind coach (Jagapathi Babu).


Naga Shaurya appears in a contrasting role within a gap of less than two months. If he was fun, charming and jovial in Varudu Kavalane, he is serious, intense and more dramatic in Lakshya. Unfortunately, the same emotions aren’t felt with the right impact in the movie.

The intensity comes across as moody and dull due to weak and inconsistent writing and handling of the character. We never feel the pain or the angst. And this includes the much-publicised six-pack makeover. It is rendered ineffective and pointless in the movie. In fact, one could have done away with it entirely, and it wouldn’t matter.

The positive side of the six-pack look (with a long ponytail and chiselled body) that is designed is that it looks terrific. Maybe one day, a proper film will come to exploit that ‘body’ properly and give the required goosebumps. Unfortunately for Naga Shaurya, it is not Lakshya.

Dheerendra Santhossh jagarlapudi - Lakshya Telugu Movie ReviewAnalysis

Santhossh Jagarlapudi directs Lakshya. It is his second movie after the decently made debut Subrahmanyapuram. The similarity is that both have unique backdrops, but the bucks stop there.

Lakshya is a more straightforward template-driven sports drama. We know the end; therefore, the idea is to hold the interest while the journey continues. The characters that come in the protagonist’s life and the obstacles he faces must connect personally. Only then the drama rises above the clichés, and the narrative turns out a winner.

We get nothing like that in Lakshya. On paper, however, some exciting plot points should make one think it is a lost opportunity.

The grandfather track, the substance abuse, depression, doping test, a blind trainer, and above all, the game ‘Archery’ itself are some of the elements that had the potential to make for a riveting drama even within the confines of the formula that sports movies have to tread.

However, the different elements are bland and dull on screen due to weak writing and execution. The inconsistencies in character development are a significant hindrance to having an engaging narrative.

The basic foundation of all this, the actual sporting sequences are terribly bland. They offer no thrill as a decent sports movie should do. When the ‘sport’ in the ‘sports drama’ doesn’t excite, what else is there to hold attention to?

In hindsight, the first half is still decent, considering all that happens later. The setting looks fresh, and the build-up to certain arcs gives a compelling vibe.

The half-baked romantic track, the coaching sequences and the sudden transformation leaves one with a feeling of ‘meh’. For example, the six-pack sequence is the most unnecessary thing in the movie. It feels pointless when we look at the rest of the film and its direction. It is a commercial add-on the fails spectacularly.

By the time one reaches the climax, the narrative is just going through the motions to get its predictable end. It is a relief not only for the lead but also for the viewer that the movie comes to an end.

Overall, Lakshya, despite its refreshing backdrop, offers nothing new. It fails to strike the right emotional chords even for a template-driven drama. What we have is a bland and lifeless drama following a predictable formula. If you love watching sports drama, no matter how predictable, you can think of giving Lakshya a try. Otherwise, stay away.

Ketika Sharma - Lakshya Telugu Movie Review Others?

Ketika Sharma has a lovely screen presence and is okay in the small opportunity she gets. The screen time is limited; therefore, there is not much to say regarding her. On the other hand, senior actor Sachin Khedekar impresses despite a short run time. His characterisation is easily among the decent ones in the movie. He livens it up with his presence. Jagapathi Babu has a good role on paper but is marred due to poor writing. Sathya and Viva Harsha are wasted. The rest are okay in the brief parts given to them.

Music-Director-Kaala-BhairavaMusic and Other Departments?

There are limited songs in the movie. So, Kaala Bhairava’s work is mainly relegated to the background score. It is decent. The cinematography is alright. Given the backdrop, it could have worked wonders for the movie. The editing is okay. The writing is below par.

Jagapathi babu Lakshya 2021 Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?

Archery Backdrop
Sachin Khedekar
BGM, In Parts


Routine Story
Weak Execution
Bland Sports Sequence
Second Half

Alternative Take

The second half, especially the scenes related to Jagapathi Babu and training episodes on the way to recovery, needs a complete overhaul.

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Lakshya Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

Lakshya Telugu Movie Review


Lakshya has a refreshing backdrop for a sports-based flick. However, excitement stops there and what we get on screen is a dull outing with bland sport sequences and a predictable drama.

— India has won the World’s Archery championship. Final report shortly.

— Pardhu brings India into quarter finals. The movie now headed to the climax.

— Pardhu is now getting ready to restart his game.

— Naga Shourya takes off his shirt to show his six pack abs. He looks terrific but the story doesn’t demand it.

— Lakshya second half started. Jagapathi Babu enters the show, trying bring Pardhu back on track.


Lakshya has a refreshing backdrop of Archery, and the narrative sticks to the sport without too much commercial deviation.

On the flip side, the actual sporting sequences are bland, and the characters populating the world make the whole thing look ordinary and dull. The second half holds the key to elevating the proceedings.

— An unexpected incident sidetracks Pardhu’s life and his goal.

— Pardhu goes to his first state level championship tournament.

— Raghuramaiah (Sachin Khedekar) supports Pardhu and his ambition to become a top Archery player. Rithika (Ketika Sharma) has been introduced as Pardhu’s girl friend.

— Pardhu joins the popular Kurukhetra Archery academy to achieve his dream world record.

— Lakshya U.S. premiere started. Show started with a flashback episode of Pardhu ( Naga Shaurya ). Pardhu (the kid) is getting trained on Archery.

Lakshya 2021 Telugu Movie Review, U.S. Premiere updates will begin shorty. Stay tuned.

A new film of actor Naga Shaurya, Lakshya, is out within a gap of fewer than forty-five days since his last release. Unfortunately for him, his previous wasn’t a success. He is hoping to bounce back with Lakshya, which hits screens on December 10th

The key difference between Naga Shaurya’s last release Varudu Kavalenu and Lakshya is that the latter is a mass movie. Yes, it is a sports film, but made in a massy way. The game of ‘Archery’ offers scope for fresh visuals. The six-packs look of Naga Shaurya is already the talk of the town.

Santhossh Jagarlapudi directs Lakshya. His previous movie was Subrahmaniapuram, a psychological thriller with devotional elements. He is now attempting a more commercial genre and hoping to score at the box office.

Lakshya coming a week after Akhanda is an advantage for it. The audiences are coming out, and if Lakshya manages to get a good talk, it will help its commercial prospects.

Hot beauty Ketika Sharma plays the heroine in the movie, whereas Kaala Bhairava provides the music. Jagapathi Babu plays a crucial role in sports drama. Love Story makers Narayan Das Narang, Puskur Ram Mohan Rao and Sharrath Marrar, produce Lakshya.

As always, M9News is here to give you a ‘first-on-net’ Lakshya Telugu 2021 movie review genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates.