lakshmi-raave-maa-intiki-movie reviewBOTTOM LINE
Not Wholly Welcomed.

“U/A” Certified, 152 mins.

So-So Rating

naga-shourya-in-lakshmi-raave maa intiki movie review
What is the film about?
Sai (Naga Shourya) loves Lakshmi (Avika Gor) at first sight. He pursues her relentlessly but she makes it clear that she will not go against the wishes of her father. How Sai wins her love and convinces her father is what the film is all about.

Performance by Naga Shourya?
Naga Shourya in Oohalu Gusagusalade looked at ease in the rom-com genre and this film further proves it. The main quality that works for him is the chemistry that he managed to develop in both these films with the heroines. So far this is his biggest positive and in his initial stages he should nurture it for his gain. There is no real improvement in emotional scenes and the fights look far too heroic for his stature.

nandyala-ravi-in-lakshmi-raave maa intiki movie review
Direction By Nandyala Ravi?
Nandyala Ravi is another debutant among this week films. He has chosen a fairly commercial set up for his debut and sticks to the commercial cinema basics and clichés. The good thing about the director is he has executed the clichés properly and the bad thing is he has equally failed to execute the fresh elements properly. For a first timer if one is little bit lenient one can say he has passed the debut test.

Avika-gor-in-lakshmi-raave-maa intiki movie review
Avika Gor and others performance?
Avika Gor might not be at her glamorous or good looking best but she surely does have a spark that helps her become the centre of attracting and dominate the proceedings. Whenever her character has something to say, it gets noticed. Rao Ramesh too has a similar personality and performance but his role is limited. Sapathrigi as comedian steals the show in his small appearance followed by Vennela Kishore. Naresh plays another caring but carefree father in his typical style. Others character actors fill up the screen and do their bit whenever required but nothing memorable. Voice over by Raj Tharun is fine.

radha-krishnan-in-lakshmi-raave maa intiki movie review
Radha Krishnan and other departments?
KM Radha Krishna returns as music director after a long time but his sound still remains the same. And so is his style with the background music, the pathos alap for sad sequences for example. They are decent in the end but could have been far better for sure. Dialogues are another major plus for the film as it is these dialogues that generate major fun in the film. Choreography of songs were alright.

highlights-in-lakshmi-raave maa intiki movie review
Fast paced screenplay.

Extremely predictable emotional scenes
Second half

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Alternative take:
The first half of the film is fine as it is even though that is a very routine and formulaic one. It is the second half that needs further work done on it. The way in which heroine and hero get together clearly needed more time on writing or at least a far better execution than it currently has. Either of these two would have helped the overall arc between those two characters evolve better which in turn would have helped the film in its entirety.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, the entertainment especially in first half.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with a bit of reservation.


So-So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha