Lakshmi-Bomb-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Epic Bomb


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 02 mins.

Lakshmi-ManchuWhat is the film about?
Justice Sri Lakshmi is killed by goons. How she again takes revenge is what the film is all about.

How is Lakshmi’s performance?
Manchu Lakshmi is far from being a good actor but so far she has managed to be restrained. She occasionally slips into over action which gets highlighted. Here in Lakshmi Bomb, she goes over the top from the beginning till the end. It’s a showreel of over action which is of repulsive variety.

Director-Gopala-KrishnaDirection By Gopala Krishna?
This is an extremely terrible film by any standards. Be it acting or execution, there is nothing worth mentioning here.

The story itself is so poor that nothing else matters. The way the first half is unveiled is a joke. The only thing that registers in the first half is the interval and that is more due to amusement rather than actual worth.

The second half is equally pathetic with the climax taking the cake. The ghost angle is treated like a joke. In fact, the entire movie, the way it’s been treated is an insult to the audience.

Posani-Krishna-MuraliqPosani and others?
The film has very few other actors. Posani and Hema have acted as parents and they are okay. Prabhakar overactive. The rest don’t register at all.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Sunil Kashyap is boring. The background score is terrible. The cinematography is not even on short film level. Editing is atrocious. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious.

Manchu Lakshmi
Short duration

Everything else

Kalakeya-PrabhakarAlternative Take
The same film with a more serious tone and well-defined ghost angle would make for a better alternative.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Lakshmi Bomb Review by Siddartha