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Amala Paul - Kudi Yedamaithe ReviewWhat Is the Show About?

Aadhi (Rahul Vijay) is a delivery boy working at Repeat, whereas Durga (Amala Paul) is the CI at Khairatabad police station. They have nothing in common. However, the kidnapping of a boy, Varun, binds them together in an unusual way. What is their connection? Did it help save the boy? It forms the basic plot of the series.


Amala Paul is the star attraction of the show. She plays a cop with an attitude (in parts) and heroism. It is right in her zone, given the vast experience of Amala Paul in the commercial space. She gets to boss around and does it convincingly. There is less drama for her character compared to Rahul, but that is because it is more heroic in comparison.

Rahul Vijay playing Aadhi is the right choice for the part. He is simple, unassuming and fits the bill of a typical, struggling youth. The role offers Rahul Vijay a lot of scope for drama, and he delivers it with aplomb. Most of it is expressing fear and grief, and he is alright in them.

Director Pawan Kumar - Kudi Yedamaithe ReviewAnalysis

Pawan Kumar of Lucia and U-Turn fame directs Kudi Yedamaithe. It is right in his zone concerning the subject and the director does his best to make it as engaging as possible.

The opening is a bit of a struggle literally to get going, but once we get to the core point involving the ‘time-loop, there is no looking back. Pawan Kumar does a great job (mostly) in holding the attention when the same thing is getting repeated ad nauseam.

Pawan Kumar benefits a great deal due to the previous handling of complex storylines. His success lies in the fact that despite complications and muddled nature on the major caveat, the screenplay is simple and connects emotionally. The same is the case with Kudi Yedamaithe.

The subplots involving the Adi track add the emotional undercurrent while keeping the suspense and intrigue intact. It is not the case with Durga, though, as it leaves one with a lot of confusion at times. It is answered in due course, but it might lead to one scratching the heads trying to make sense when the incident first occurs.

The muddiness is usually the issue with stories and screenplays comprising time as a critical component. Anything that involves tampering of time confuses. Kudi Yedamaithe is no different, but it is less. There is a lot to enjoy about the way the screenplay is developed. Of course, it requires and demands a lot of attention from the viewer.

After all the complications, the ending is neatly set up. It has the thrills in place but is a little bit underwhelming. It is a minor quibble, but it is nonetheless an issue.

Overall, Kudi Yedamaithe is an engaging thriller based on a unique concept. Barring a few portions in the middle that feel chaotic and topsy-turvy, it delivers what it promised for such a premise.

Rahul Vijay - Amala Paul - Kudi Yedamaithe ReviewOthers?

Apart from the main two leads, the rest have bits and pieces roles. However, the good thing is everyone is cast well for their parts, and they do well, no matter the length. Ravi Prakash gets a character that is a far cry from his usual turns and is adequately presented. Apart from him, there are fewer known faces, but they don’t give anything to complain about.

Music and Other Departments?

The background score by Poornachandra Tejaswi SV is excellent. It adds to the racy feel of the narrative. The cinematography by Advaitha Gurumurthy is decent. It is better than the usual short film level quality seen with most of the Telugu web series. The editing is a make-or-break aspect for the series. Poor work would have made the outing a disastrous one. Suresh Arumugam has done a superb job. The writing is neat for the most part.


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Muddled Narrative At Times

Alternative Take

A much more refined narrative with a big bang at the end would have further elevated the proceedings. Edge Of Tomorrow, Russian Doll and Game Over (Telugu movie starring Tapsee) are other recent examples of films or series where the narrative uses the time loop concept.

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