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Sankranthi Treat for The Masses


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 34m

Ravi Teja- Krack Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) is a hot-headed cop who becomes a different personality when someone mentions his ‘Background’. He thrashes them to the ground without seeing who they are. The ‘Background’ weakness (or strength) ensures that he locks with three goons. The rest is all about how he deals with each one of them and sends them behind the bars.

How is Ravi Teja’s Performance?

Ravi Teja has come back hard when everyone has started writing him off. In pursuit of losing weight, the actor lost his charm as well in recent films. He looks good in Krack and the personality looks apt for a cop. Next, his performance as a hot-headed cop is the major USP of Krack. The way he conducted himself in the action sequences and the dialogue delivery in confrontation scenes will remind us of Vikram Rathod in Vikramarkudu or even better. This is one of the stunning comebacks for any hero in recent memory.

Director-Gopichand-MalineniDirection by Gopichand Malineni?
Mass Masala Entertainers are often routine stories with much emphasis on characterizations and commercial elements. Gopichand Malineni has taken the same route for this film. Krack has a wafer-thin story of a cop running into influential goons. It sounds and looks very familiar. But then, the treatment makes the difference.

Barring some sequences of family drama and the final portions of the film, the movie runs at Top speed thanks to the racy screenplay. There are several blocks of heroism elevated with an excellent background score. Samuthirakani’s characterization is superb and it even adds to the elevation of the hero. His gang at Vetapalem Beach is equally menacing. The first half starts slowly with the family drama. Saleem Bhatkal Episode is decent and the movie picks pace with Samuthirakani track. The song indicating his rise and Jathara fight during the interval makes the proceedings interesting.

The second half is a bit predictable but there are moments that will still enthrall the mass audience. The Ongole bus stand fight is outstanding both in terms of concept and cinematography. The fall of Katari Krishna is predictable but the final climax fight is again good. The movie moves at a top speed for the entire Katari Krishna episode but the speed is not sustained towards the end. That doesn’t mean it is a total letdown. It is like it did not meet the expectation it has set until then. Finally, Krack is a thorough treat for the mass audience in the festive season. There are a few glitches but they do not come in the way of enjoying the ride. One more point to be mentioned here is there is too much bloodshed in the film but then that is what the film is about.

Shruti Haasan- Krack Movie ReviewShruthi Haasan and Others?
Shruti Haasan has got a sizeable role. Her portions in the first half are not very relevant to the story. In fact, they bore. She is not much into the second half but is good in an emotional scene and a surprise.

Samuthirakani – the main villain of the film is a major asset. He rocked the show as Katari Krishna. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is equally superb as Jayamma.

Ravi Shankar is another villain and he does well too. The Vetapalem gang and their mannerisms are mindboggling. There are several other character and comedy actors in the film who did not get sizeable roles but were passable in whatever they are expected to do. Venkatesh has given a small voiceover.

Music-Director-ThamanMusic and Other Departments?

Thaman.. Oh Boy! The background score has been sensational, to say the least. Every scene that works in the film has his hard work written all over it. Songs, however, are not to that range. Songs are pictured well but better audio could have done wonders. However, the Bhoom Baddal item song comes at the right time but a better girl should have taken it to the next level.

GK Vishnu’s camera work is superb. Never in the past, the camera work in Ravi Teja’s film is so effective. The bus stand fight deserves a special mention here. Action sequences by Ram – Lakshman masters are excellent. The dialogues penned by Sai Madhav Burra are effective.


Ravi Teja’s Performance

Action Sequences

Racy Screenplay




Boring Family Scenes in the first half

Predictable Story

Flat Final 30 Minutes or so.

Alternative Take

The drawbacks mentioned above are not threatening. The first two points are certainly not. But then, there is room for improvement in the third point. The movie would have been a thorough entertainer if the tempo is maintained till the end. The director should have tried something different from the episode of Shruti Haasan surprise.

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