Ko Ante Koti Review


Sharwanand falls flat once again.

139.00 Minutes


Ko Ante Koti movie Review

What is ‘Ko Ante Koti’ about?
Ko antey Koti is the story of a petty thief, Maya Master (Sri Hari) who is tired of robberies and wants to retire after the completion of a mega robbery. He sketches a master plan and to execute it, he selects Vamsi (Sarwanand) and two other goons. On the Big day, one of the three back stabs the gang. What follows next? Who is the crook? forms the actual story.

Is it a complete Sharwanand film?
When we ask the question if some movie is some one’s kind of film. It gives positive sense. But in Sarwanand case, it is going to be different. Despite his best efforts and selection of good subjects, success have been evading him. And coming to his performance in the movie, he came up with a mature and subtle performance once again.

Ko Ant Koti  movie Review

How is Anish Yohan Kuruvilla’s direction?
Anish has one of the darkest careers for a young director in Tollywood. He gets a chance to prove himself once again with this movie. He chose a good subject but faltered in narrating it perfectly. The execution of the movie particularly in the first half has been inconsistent. Audience were confused till the interval about the proceeding. There is always a thin line between maintaining suspense and creating confusion. Anish seem to have missed it. The characterizations and justification of the back stabbing is not clearly established. In short, Anish missed the key areas of making a successful thriller.

Ko Ante Koti movie Review

What about Priya Anand?
She is cute and looked pretty on the screen. Her performance is satisfactory and the chemistry between the lead pair looked good.

Ko Ante Koti movie Review

What about Sri Hari and the other actors?
Sri Hari is the perfect fit for the character of Maya Master. His get up has the required arrogance, rawness that is required by a robbery and performance is top notch as usual. It is due to him the robbery scene and the climax turned out very well.

How is Music, Songs and Dances?
The back ground music is good and the songs are passable. I should say, Shakti Kanth has done reasonably well.

How is the Cinematography?
There are two cinematographers in the movie – Rakesh and Naveen. Both of them have maintained the mood of the movie and camera work is realistic.

Ko Ante Koti movie Review

What are the highlights?
1. Sri Hari’s character
2. Robbery scene and the climax
3. Few twists in the movie

Any Drawbacks?
1. Screenplay
2. Lack of clarity in characterizations
3. Excitement factor required for thriller is missing

Ko Ant Koti  movie Review

What about its box office prospects?
I feel sorry for this guy, Sharwanand. He always seem to be falling in the final step. And this outing seem to be no different. Adding insult to injury, This is his maiden production.

Did I enjoy it?
Not fully.

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