Killing Veerappan movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Not entirely on target.


‘U/A’ Certified, 151 mins.

Killing Veerappan movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
As the title suggests the film is about Killing Veerappan. How the police achieves this is shown in the film.

How is Shivaraj Kumar’s performance?
The Kannada star is a veteran of many films and has been in the field for years. The experience shows in the act. He is intense when required and is funny in a sarcastic way throughout. It feels a bit one dimensional in the end though but otherwise he is fine.

Killing Veerappan movie ReviewDirection By Ram Gopal Varma?
Direction in the film Killing Veerappan by Ram Gopal Varma is no different from how he has directed, let’s say, a 365 days. It’s the subject that makes this film and form feel different. His recent techniques come to great use in exploring the jungle and it sets a tone overall that is immersive in nature and takes us away momentarily from the flaws in the film. The narrative flows way predictable and too simplistic, one never feels any tension apart from the interval twist. Overall it’s a decent effort when looked in totality and is definitely better than some of his recent outings.

Killing Veerappan movie ReviewPerformance by other artists?
There are three primary characters in the film besides the main police role. Obviously the biggest of them is Veerappan played by Sandeep. He is fabulous in terms of look and performance wise takes to next level during the second half of film. It comes across as too rehearsed and theatrical at time though. Parul as wife of Veerappan looks too soft for the part. Yagna helping the police is alright. In few scenes she looks so fake that one wonders how she was successful in reality. However both have a wonderful moment together in the end. Others have small parts but they have been well cast for the respective parts.

Music Director Killing VeerappanMusic and other departments?
Songs are used in the background. But it’s the background score that makes the most impact. It’s loud like in most RGV movies but it serves the purpose. Editing is neat. Dubbing quality isn’t satisfying.

Killing Veerappan movie ReviewHighlights?
Lead actor’s
Parts of second half

Flat narration
Slow in parts
Lacks excitement

Killing Veerappan movie ReviewAlternative Take
There is already a film made on similar theme. Better check that out too.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes to different movie lovers.

Killing Veerappan Review by Siddhartha