Vijay Antony Killer Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Dull Killer Lacks Impact


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 50 mins

Vijay AntonyWhat Is the Film About?
A dead burnt body is found in an open ground. The investigation by Karthikeya (Arjun) leads to Jayanthi who happens to be harassed by the dead guy. Did she kill the person and how is Prabhakar (Vijay Anthony) related to all this is what the movie is all about?

How Is Vijay Antony’s Performance?
There is absolutely no change in the acting of Vijay Anthony. He is like he is like he always is. It is all about staring an object in different styles. Vijay Anthony does that with ease. The advantage is there is no possibility of over action and irritation associated with it, and also as something on the else keeps happening, his lack of acting doesn’t post a challenge, usually.

It is only when the content is also disastrous that Vijay Anthony’s lack of skill in acting comes to fore, and we get restless as nothing happens on screen.

Director Andrew LouisDirection by Andrew Louis?
At the beginning of the movie itself, we see the makers credit a Japanese novel and its author. If anyone else read it, what is to unfold in the film would be an easy guess. To those who have no clue, Killer definitely offers an interesting premise.

On a partially unrelated note, the same Japanese Novel has been lifted and made into another classic thriller that many would instantly remember. It is Drushyam that has been made in several languages. So, there would be some similarities there as well, but this is much closer to the novel, than the movie.

Coming to Killer, director Andrew Louis wastes no time and is into the basic plot as soon as possible. We know what has happened and all the interest to find how it will be solved or the convicts escape. The narrative takes its own time into getting the point where it needs to be, but red herrings are neatly placed during the same time. Once the investigation starts, the narrative moves at a steady pace.

The interval bang is alright, but the sequences preceding that involving Arjun and Nassar are neatly done. Little curiosity and some confusion related to the hero is created at this point.

The second half starts intriguingly but soon becomes too flat and goes about its way nonchalantly. We know everything is leading to some big revelation, but a sense of wow or excitement or any other kind of emotion is hardly felt.

The plot keeps ticking with neat twists, but the emotional connect, or the thrill factor is not felt. The result is despite an engaging premise; its full impact is nowhere to be found. The dull setting that looks and gives a feeling of lifelessness is also to be blamed partially.

In the climax, there is an emotional twist, but that can be guessed a mile away. Also, the other twist could be known at that point before the revelation. In short, Killer lacks the killer impact. What we get is a deflated thriller that doesn’t get to its true potential. Watch it if you like thrillers with even a half-decent plot.

Ashima Narwal - Killer Movie ReviewAshima Narwal and Others?
Ashima Narwal and Seetha play the mother and daughter pair who are at the centre of the investigation. They believably do their part and definitely help towards an engaging narrative. They do the dramatic portions well.

Besides them, it is Arjun and Nassar who have significant roles. The former is like the parallel lead and gives the narrative its life with his character. He has done similar parts before, but here it is done with a much lesser degree of restraint. Nassar is bankable and delivers the necessary.

Music and Other Departments?
The songs by Simon K King feels are below par and almost forgettable in Telugu, but the background score is excellent. It gives the movie the edge while watching the proceedings. Similarly, the cinematography and editing are spot-on. The Killer is helped a lot by these technical departments. The Telugu dubbing dialogues should have been better.

Ashima Narwal - Killer Movie ReviewHighlights?
Basic Plot
Few Twists

Dull Narration
Predictable Hero Track

Seetha - Killer Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Well, we have Drushyam

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with reservation.

Killer Review by Siddartha