Lacks the adrenaline rush

“U/A” Certified, 146mins

So_So Rating

salman_khan-heroWhat is “Kick” about?
Kick is a remake of Telugu film of the same name. Salman Khan reprises the role of Ravi Teja here who does all the things in his life just for Kick. What is the reason behind his behavior and how he escapes from the people after him as a result of this behavior is what the film is about.

How is Salman Khan’s performance?
Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar with his own style. In the beginning he tries to play the character in the hyper energetic style of Ravi Teja but soon it seems he realizes that it would be a futile exercise and starts doing things in his own. This is something he has has done in the past too with many of his remakes and it works here as well. There is no comparison with the performance of the original, it is something which only Ravi Teja can do and no one else can match it but Salman Khan comes into his own in the Devil character.

sajid-nadiadwala-directorDirection by sajid nadiadwala?
Sajid Nadidadwala switches from being producer to a director with this film. He clearly shows with the film that such a transition is not an easy thing. He flounders as a director. Kick is a fast paced movie originally but in the remake despite few changes, the pace slackens. The narrative lacks the force present in the original. The well choreographed action sequences bring some respite and momentum to the proceedings but otherwise the film is pretty flat throughout.

Jacqueline-Fernandez-heroinHow is Jacqueline Fernandez and other artists performance?
Jacqueline Fernandez gets the biggest opportunity of her career so far and she doesn’t leave anything to imagination as far as being glamorous is concerned. But when it comes to emoting, the less said the better. Randeep Hooda is a good choice for the role and he brings his own little charishma to the table which adds great value to the film overall. Nawazuddin Siddiqui too does a similar thing and provides the much needed energy to the film post intermission. He could have controlled his laughter a bit. These are the primary characters and apart from them we have actors like Mithun Chakraborthy, Saurabh Shukla, Archana Puran Singh etc playing small characters with no real meat but still managing to leave their mark in the one scene they are given.

How is Himesh Reshammiya’s Music and other departments ?
Music given by assorted singers like Meet Bros, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Himesh Reshammiya is fine that goes in tune with the film as well as general expectations that one has with a Salman Khan album.

Salman Khan
Nawazuddin Siddiqui arc bringing freshness to the plot

Slow and flat narration.
Jacqueline Fernandez

What about the box office performance of the film?
Kick has taken a thunderous opening at the box office. With the Eid still few days away, the overall run of the film depends on how the box office course takes turn from Eid. The mixed word of mouth should come into play during the long run of the film. The advantage for Kick though is an open second week without any competition and its final number will depend a lot on huge much the star can make post Eid and in this open second week.

Did I enjoy it?
Not that much due to the original in mind.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but surely not to those who have seen the original.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha