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Boss One Man Show.


‘UA’ certified 147 minutes

megastar-chiranjeeviWhat is Khaidi No 150 about?
Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) escapes from the prison and his only aim is to get out of the country. He gets an easy way to have money for the same purpose. However one day at a function his life changes forever. What happens at the function? Who is Shankar (Chiranjeevi) and why it affects Seenu is what the film is all about.

How is Chiranjeevi’s performance?
There is no doubt that Chiranjeevi is an excellent actor but prior to the release, the promos led to downward expectations. It somehow didn’t look that convincing and the impression was that Chiranjeevi was trying hard.

Well, those doubts have been put to rest the moment the film begins. Few minutes into the movie, one is completely involved in the proceedings and all doubts are dispelled as the Megastar begins his magic. It feels as if he has never left the big screen and the current movie is just a continuation. The subtle handling of emotions without getting too much in your face or the comedy that he generates even without a complete support from other end shows the capabilities of the star.

Khaidi No 150 is a Mega show where the star shows the various gamuts of expressions with ease. How does it compare to the original? It is on par, not overwhelmingly surpassing it like many would have expected it. This is not because Vijay is a better actor but he clearly has a better director handling him. Coming to all important dances Chiranjeevi mesmerizes with his grace rather than fast moves.

director-vv-vinayakDirection By V V Vinayak?
Films like Premam, Dhruva or Kaththi, these films are strong on content and all that a director needs to do is not spoil the original and adapt it to local sensibilities. Even if we don’t consider these recent remakes VV Vinayak has done a couple in the past and one of them happens to be his first film with Chiranjeevi, Tagore.

It should be clear by now that VV Vinayak is not the same director that he used to be in Tagore days. The difference is quite visible. In fact, we can have a career comparison here as the original of Tagore too, like Khaidi No 150 original, is directed by AR Murugadoss. Back then VV Vinayak completely dominated the proceedings. Tagore was hailed as his brainchild, such was the impact. The remake felt like a beast of its own with no comparison with Ramana.

When it comes to Khaidi No 150, the director has lost that sharpness and focus. Murugadoss, on the other hand, has grown by leaps and bounds during the same time. The original, despite having the problems is better director film and it manages to rise above being a mere commercial entertainer. There is a reason why many said: “what is being done to Kaththi”. Well, director Vinayak has remade the film frame by frame and it is a good looking remake but it lacks in the emotional department of the original. Luckily for Vinayak, the nostalgia factor involved with Chiranjeevi overrides that big fault.

The real meat of the story is from middle pre-interval to the pre-climax. The climax due to poor direction is a letdown but one doesn’t mind it at that time, as Chiranjeevi simply covers everything with his screen presence.

kajal-aggarwalKajal Aggarwal and others?
Kajal is wasted. She is good in the songs glamor wise but has otherwise no real scope in terms of performance. Comedy is handled by Ali and Brahmanandam. They are alright. Tarun Arora as the villain is given less screen time compared to the original. He is alright. The rest don’t really matter including Posani Krishna Murali.

music-director-devi-sri-prasadMusic and other departments?
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is below par but appears passable on screen thanks to the way videos have been shot. Background score feels like a rework of original by few bits giving original feel. Technically the film is slick with cinematography being stand out. Editing is decent. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are good.

Elevation blocks

Old fashioned Direction
Lacks emotional depth
Comedy track

comedian-aliAlternative Take

There is already a original and this remake too suffers from same problem. The third act could have been better though out.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Khaidi No. 150 Review by Siddhartha Toleti


Final Report: No real changes from original by Vinayak except for Brahmi’s routine comedy track. Performance wise did Megastar outdo Vijay from Kaththi? Is Khaidi a better remake? Check out our frank review coming shortly.

Khaidi No 150 US Collections: Tuesday $1.2 Million, Wednesday $157K, Thursday $76 (updated latest figures)

– Routine formula Climax. Review will be up shortly, watch out this space for Khaidi No 150 Review.
– Chiranjeevi entertains as Kathi Srinu and performed another soft character as Shankar.
– Vinayak tried to execute Kaththi pretty much shot by shot in his remake. However,AR Murugadoss having a hero like Vijay pulled off emotional and action blocks extremely well and they are the main highlights in the Tamil Kaththi. But Vinayak’s execution in comparison is not up to the mark.
– Here comes a counter dialogue to Telugu chief ministers on Raitu Runa maafee. Chiru asks “Ekkada chesaru sir? Runa Maaafee? Total there are two political dialogues in the film. But they don’t hurt any one.
– Surprisingly there is nothing much to mention about Kajal. Samantha has added a lot of glamor quotient in original but here Kajal fails badly. Posani is also wasted big time. A He is neither hilarious nor has any significance in the story. Ace comedian Brahmanandam does his routine comedy one more time.
– It’s nothing but a big treat to watch father and son dancing together in Ammadu Lets do Kummadu. Ram Charan’s appearance is not a blink and miss in this song.
– First political reference in the film -Delhi nunchi Galli daka choosa!
– Much awaited coin fight is good just as in the original. Devi Sri just rehashed the original BGM with a slight change. Instead of this if DSP had just re-used Anirudh’s BGM it would have been much more effective. But if you haven’t watched the original DSP won’t disappoint you.
– You and me song just okay. Will it be Ammadu Lets Kummudu the best number? Let’s see.

First Half Report: Average to above average first half with mild entertainment. Vinayak has been extremely loyal to the original except few scenes involving Brahmanandam. Two songs in the first half are okay.

– Chiru’s styling and costumes need a special mention. He looked fresh and young on screen. Credit should go to his daughter who took special care in this department. Chiru looks lean on screen compared to off screen but few shots display his real age.
– Allu Arjun only appears in rolling titles. He didn’t do any cameo as rumored but he stands out in rolling titles for his funny act with director Vinayak.
– Looks like Pruthviraj’s scenes have been chopped off as he recently claimed. But he appears in rolling titles though that’s the only solace for him.
– The highly emotional farmers’ episode followed by interval fight.
– Sundari melody song is decent with few good dance moves.
– Rajamouli and Anushka too seen in rolling titles looks like it’s a shot from Baahubali shooting location.
– Movie runs on a mild and routine entertainment mode. So far movie looks like a loyal remake without any changes from the original.
– First song Rattalu is over. Though there aren’t any great steps Chiru’s grace is awesome.
– Except Pawan Kalyan all other mega heroes appear in the Rolling titles including Allu Sirish and both the daughters and son in laws of Chiranjeevi. Prabhas being the big non-mega hero of course.
– Chiru looks fresh and young in intro jail shot.
– Show begins with a Thank you note to Allu Aravind.

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Chiranjeevi is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars that Tollywood has ever seen. A huge star of the masses Chiru always had a humongous following all over the world and was the top hero during his time.

But he thought of something different and chose to enter politics. He flaunted his own party but sadly he did not win many seats and even merged his party with Congress disappointing many.

So much happened during the gap of nine years as Chiranjeevi went through a lot of pressure to make a comeback which he never did. Finally, after a lot of dilly delaying he broke the news that he is interested in making a comeback and will soon do a film which will be his 150th film.

But even after he made the announcement nothing happened as he was not finding a perfect script for his comeback. He rejected stories from even the likes of Puri Jagan and was in news all the time.

Somehow, his team landed hands on the Tamil film Kaththi which they felt was a perfect comeback film for the star. The script was locked and Chiru and gang felt that Vinayak will do a superb job as a director and entrusted him the duties.

So the project was set and Chiru’s son Charan took the mantle of producing the film himself and the project went on floors without the heroine. As time went by Kajal was confirmed to play the female lead in the film.

So many big heads joined hands for the film and now the project is complete and ready for release. Based on the problems of farmers, this film has been altered a lot to suit the stature of Chiru and his age.

Touted to be a complete mass entertainer the music of the film is already a huge hit and DSP has won half the battle with his mass numbers.

But the big thing started when the makers decided to release it during Sankranthi season which had yet another biggie releasing in the form of Balakrishna’s Gautamiputra Satakarni.

The competition is huge but being a Chiru project there is a slight advantage as the fans of the mega family are gearing up in huge numbers and have taken upon themselves to promote the film. Now will the film be a good comeback or not for chiru we need to wait and see.