Glossy Mass Fare


‘U/A’ Vertified, 2 hrs 35 mins

Yash - KGF REviewWhat Is the Film About?
How a child Ramakrishna Pawan becomes Rocky (Yash) and slams his authority on Bombay? Why he goes to Bangalore and agrees to kill a major kingpin? What is the connection between the two seemingly different worlds and how it leads to KGF is what the film is all about?

How Is Yash’s Performance?
We have to be honest here as and say this is the first film of Yash in cinemas. So, solely based on what the actor has done in KGF, it comes across as one note. It could be the character design, but right from the start until the end a single expression and mood are carried with lots and lots of action. The good news is it all works out well in the end, and the elevation is felt after some taking some time to settle initially.

Director Prashanth Neel -KGFDirection by Prashanth Neel?
KGF is the second film from director Prashanth Neel. Those who have not seen his debut Ugramm might find the particular making style off-putting initially or all the way, depending on the engagement to the visuals onscreen. It would be a significant obstacle to the enjoyment of the movie. If that is not an issue, one is sure to be in for a hell of a heroic ride.

The basic plot is simple which is made to look unnecessarily complicated on screen. Rocky, the character, is the quintessential anti-hero that masses identify with and deify. The process of becoming one is what we see in KGF through the eyes of a journalist. There is a literal spoon feeding going on to the audience through the character.

The simple premise has been mounted on a grand scale by Prashanth Neel. What we get in the movie is one elevation followed by others with increasing intensity and challenging obstacles. The style of the director which we previously mentioned is a problem as the raise feels too filmy and over the top. On top of that, the fast pace makes everything come across as superficial lacking any depth. The entire first half runs on that line.

It is in the second half that we get a sense of what is happening as the narratives and the action pauses to show what is what and what is happening. It is also the part where, given how things have been built until then, the narrative appears dull. However, once the heroism resumes, the pre-climax and climax explode on screen in a manner that is sure to make the mass movies loving audience crazy.

To put things in perspective, remember the now legendary Chatrapathi interval bang? KGF is a movie that in its entirety is a continuous build-up towards that and then it delivers with a solid bang. It is one thing to have a few elevation scenes in the overall scheme of things, and another to make an entire film on those. The superficiality aspect is the downside in this non-stop mass ride. Watch it if you are a mass movie lover and don’t mind the violence, otherwise skip it.

Srinidhi ShettySrinidhi Shetty and Others?
Srinidhi Shetty plays a heroine for namesake. She has a few scenes but those are typical and not much is required in terms of a solid performance. It is the same case with other artists who are aplenty in the movie. The nativity issue also comes about due to them. However, none of them individually make a mark or shine to be memorable like a Kartraj in Chatrapathi, for example. The character names do stick as they are repeated ad nauseam.

Music Director Ravi Basrur -KGFMusic and Other Departments?
The music, as in the songs are very average; they don’t register much. It is the background score where Ravi Basrur is sensational. Many vital moments are elevated due to the bgm which is electrifying. The choice of cinematography would be different for the Telugu audience but is seen elsewhere. The glossy visual code along with the editing pattern chosen by the director is a major hindrance for enjoyment. The dialogues are full of one-liner cum hero-worship elevations.

ayyappa sharmaHighlights?
Pre-climax and climax

Unsteady And Glossy Visual Style

Alternative Take
A more steady approach adding depth to the narrative would have done wonders even in Telugu dubbed version.

Did I Enjoy It?

Anant Nag -KGF ReviewWill You Recommend It?
With reservations

KGF Review by Siddartha