Kavacham Review – A Kavacham Full Of Holes

Kavacham Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Kavacham Full Of Holes


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 23 mins

Bellamkonda Sai SrinivasWhat Is the Film About?
Vijay (Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas) is a sincere cop who would go any length to help the people in problem. One such issue changes his life when it forces him to take a drastic step. It makes Vijay a fugitive. What is the problem and how he clears his name is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sai Srinivas’s Performance?
Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is sincere in whatever he does. It shows on screen, and that is the only positive aspect of his presence on screen. There is a tinge of innocence in whatever he does along with a show of hard work. The combination comes across as funny, in an unintentional manner. All the close-ups belong to this category.

Where Bellamkonda Sreenivas scores in action and dances. He is terrific on both the counts. It, therefore, makes sense that he picks action subjects, but even here less romance and drama should be kept as a priority. Maybe an action comedy?

Sreenivas MamillaDirection by Sreenivas Mamilla?
Srinivas Mamilla’s Kavacham is the definition of what can be termed as brain-dead commercial entertainment. There is a make-believe happening of something big in store but everything fizzles out in the end and what we get is a highly predictable routine cliché.

Kavacham takes time to start initially. It gains momentum half an hour before the interval when literally an accident occurs. From then onwards until the intermission, the movie lives up to the maker’s words of racy entertainment except for a song that is unnecessary. During this portion, things do look logical as well which makes it all the more exciting. It is because as an audience we are practically in the blind and are shown nothing. Like mentioned previously, it is the “make-believe” aspect that the director succeeds in and raises stakes for the second half.

Unfortunately, in the second half, everything falls apart stage by stage. First, it becomes logic-less, then, silly and finally it is downright bad and dumb when everything is out in open. It is like the more the director reveals the worse proceedings becomes regarding the content. Again, everything happens in such a fast-paced manner that for a moment it might engage, but, a simple pause to think what’s happening is enough to break everything apart. The coming apart, deterioration is fun in an unexpected and unintended way due to the lead actor.

In the end, Kavacham is a very routine commercial entertainer with an engaging pre-interval and interval block. What happens before that part, doesn’t matter and what happens afterwards kills the little impact of the engaging portion. But, as said above there is an unintentional fun aspect due to the hero, and that makes it a below average fare.

Kajal Aggarwal Kavacham ReviewKajal Aggarwal and Others?
Kajal Aggarwal and Mehreen are the heroines in the movie. Among the two Mehreen has a better role in that there is an empathy created for her character. Kajal does what she does in all her films and gets a couple of extra songs in fancy locations. Apart from the female leads, the movie is filled with recognisable actors. Neil Nitin Mukesh startsoff interestingly, but by the end, the character turns out to be a joke. Harshavardhan Rane and Mukesh Rishi are wasted. Harish Uttaman is given a proper beginning, but nothing happens afterwards. Satyam Rajesh is okay. Posani Krishna Murali is his usual self.

Music-Director-ThamanMusic and Other Departments?
The songs by SS Thaman are below par except one although they are high on beats, mostly designed for the dances of the hero. The background score is better with one top bit around the hero. The cinematography is decent at best. The editing is abrupt at times. The action choreography is superb but lacks imagination.

Mehrene Kaur PirzadaHighlights?
Interval Block
A Small Portion In The Second Half
Background Score

Routine Story
Half-baked Romance

Posani-Krishna-MuraliAlternative Take
Better and logical extensions of the subplots in the second half with a different motive of the killer in the final revelation.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Kavacham Review by Siddartha

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