Karthikeya Review

karthikeya-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Offers Predictable Thrills.

“U/A” Certified, 124 mins.

So_So Rating

What is the film about?
Mysterious killings happen when people talk about a temple in a village. How the mystery around the temple is unraveled by Karthik (Nikhil), is what the film is about.

How is Nikhil’s performance?
This is the second film in succession where Nikhil has given a calm and cool performance without going over the top like he used to previously. This is working well for him and if he slowly pushes him in terms of drama it could work well for him going forward.

chandu-mondeti-in-karthikeya review
Direction By Chandu Mondeti?
Direction by Chandoo Mondeti is very good. He has narrated his story with conviction and never let the focus away for commercial trappings. The humor is clean devoid of any vulgarity and performances extracted vary from decent to good universally. The screenplay and usage of artists in important roles must be appreciated. There are issues with the pacing but that can be bettered next time around. Overall as said at the very beginning, a solid debut.

Swathi and others performance?
Swathi has presence throughout but there is nothing to really highlight performance wise. She is her usual self and she is fine. Praveen is present throughout the film as the comic relief friend and he is a big positive to the film. Tanikella Bharani has a short role but he makes his presence felt. Kishore and Jayaprakash add value to the proceedings with their presence but they don’t have anything memorable. Comedian Prudhvi is completely wasted. Jogi Nayudu and Satya are fine.

sekhar-chandra-in-karthikeya review
Sekhar Chandra and other departments?
Music by Sekhar Chandra is decent but the background score is fantastic. The background score elevates number the proceedings throughout the film and helps keep the narrative tight. Editing is good and so is the cinematography. Dialogues in the film are a major plus. It sticks to the narrative throughout and the humor is generated as part of the narrative rather than being forced.

Background score.
Good casting.

Slow paced.

box-office-talk-of-karthikeya review
Alternative take:
The film is fine as it is for the budget it has been allotted. It could certainly have been more ambitious though with its central plot and the thrill element because when it is revealed the current version lacks the ‘wow’ effect. May be a mix of devotional magic would have done the trick instead of being hardnosed on practicality.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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