Kapatadhaari ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Tiring But Passable Thriller


2h 18m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Sumanth - Kapatadhaari - Movie - ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Gautham (Sumanth) is a traffic inspector who accidentally stumbles upon skeletons at a site. Despite the case being out if his jurisdiction, Gautham proceeds with the investigation as he can’t keep the inner police quite.

What Gautham finds in his investigation? How it brings him closer to Inspector Ranjith Singh and journalist Gopala Krishna? How it turns out to be a life and death matter for him is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sumanth’s Performance?
Sumanth is predominantly known for romantic roles with calm and easy-going nature. In his comeback, he has changed gears and attempting some things out of his comfort zone. Kapatadhaari is such an effort. There is hardly anything related to romance here. It is a serious narrative focussing on the investigation.

Sumanth is apt for the part. He gives his best shot. The awkwardness in fight aside, he has done well. However, it isn’t a memorable part as a performer. It is all about the story. He is serviceable to it without spoiling.

Director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy- Kapatadhari - Movie - ReviewDirection by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy?
Pradeep Krishnamoorthy directs Kapatadhaari. And not just once but twice in Telugu and Tamil. It is a remake of the Kannada movie Kavaludaari. It belongs to the thriller genre.

The movie opens interestingly with a murder sequence in 1977. One should not miss it to get a better hang of the narrative.

The proceedings then shift to the present, introducing our lead. That he (the hero) is not the usual cop, but a traffic inspector is a change here. However, he follows everything that an investigating officer would do diligently.

The real story begins when the investigation begins. The screenplay is engaging and keeps one hooked to the proceedings. A lot seems to be happening, and it makes the whole thing look a bit convoluted. The introduction of the heroine character takes it to the next level.

However, it all starts to come together in the second half when the real story related to the investigation emerges slowly. The bits and pieces of information coming together to form the larger picture is neatly done.

The problem here is that it takes a lot of time and curves to reach the point. More so after the real issue is revealed. The revelations are interesting, but one can’t help but feel tired due to the bloated narrative. It seems to be taking ages to end.

The thrills and twists are present throughout. Although, not all have the same impact. It is because of the uneven narrative where a high moment is diluted with an immediate dull and prolonged sequence. It happens throughout.

Overall, Kapatadhaari is a decent but overlong and overdrawn thriller. Its story is the main strength, but length is a bummer. Give it a try if you like the genre.

Nandita Swetha and Others?
Nandita Swetha is heroine for namesake. She is just another character and does nothing much in the main story.

Nassar and Jayaprakash essay the real vital roles. The former, especially, seems to be enjoying a role that offers him something worthwhile after a gap. Jayaprakash, on the other hand, is reliable and does his role sincerely. The villain choice is excellent and surprising at the same time.

Music Director Simon Kapatadhari - Movie - ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Simon K King provides the music and background score. The former is alright, but the latter is a massive plus to the movie. The cinematography by Rasamathi could have been better. The editing by KL Praveen needed to be sharper. The writing is alright. There is nothing exceptional, but it’s enough to get things moving without complaining.

Vennela Kishore - Kapatadhari - Movie - ReviewHighlights?
Main Roles Casting

Some farfetched Scenarios
Convoluted And Uneven Narrative

Alternative Take
The political aspect of the whole narrative could have been better integrated into the story.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Reservations

Kapatadhaari Review by Siddartha