Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Moderately Likeable Rom-Com Entertainer


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 42 mins

Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Siddharth (Dulquar Salman) falls in love with Meera (Ritu Varma) at first sight. He is a con artist posing as an engineer. As Siddharth loves Meera; he plans to settle down with one big swindle.

Meanwhile, DCP Pratap Simha (Gowtham Menon) is tracking the con and is on the verge of catching the criminal. What happens at the end to Siddharth and did Pratap Simha catch the culprit is what the movie is all about?

How Is Dulquer Salman’s Performance?
For his 25th film, Dulquer Salman has picked unique subject. It is simple, walk in the park kind of role for him. Dulquer, expectedly, pulls it off with ease. There is nothing memorable in his act, but one thing stands out, though. Dulquer is relaxed and lets everyone have their moments. There is zero effort to put him at the centre of everything

Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante ReviewDirection by Desingh Periyasamy ?
Desingh Periyasamy makes his directorial debut with Kanulu Kanulu Dochayante. The movie marks his transition from short filmmaker to the big screen. For his first attempt, he comes up with a unique blend of romantic comedy and thrilling con elements.

The movie opens on a very routine note and progresses as a routine love story for a long time. It is only when the true character of Siddharth and his friend are revealed that the story gets the much-needed impetus. The introduction of the third key character DCP Pratap Simha further helps in engaging the viewer.

The narrative gets into the groove with the introduction of the con element. And it maintains that way until the interval. It is neatly done and could take a few by surprise.

The second half changes gear full time into a thriller with the con angle getting a full-scale extension. The romance takes a backseat here and comes only in parts at key moments. The narratively basically becomes about pulling off one big con. It is neatly done, although the whole block gives a lengthy feeling towards the end. The climax is efficiently wrapped, but again one gets a feeling of it being a bit lengthy.

Kanulu Kanulu Dochayante is skilfully directed by debutant Desingh Periyasamy, no doubt. However, the problem comes in the screenplay, which is inconsistent. It was always going to be a problem when two genres were mixed. The length adds to the unease mix. Together, they make the narrative a bumpy ride. The lack of smooth proceedings could be felt despite one being engaged in enough parts.

Overall, Kanulu Kanulu Dochayante has enough engaging moments in both halves. But they lack the required killer punch due to the lengthy and tiring narrative that oscillates between predictable romance and thrilling cons. Give it a try, if you like to see something fresh. However, a considerable amount of patience is mandatory.

Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante ReviewRitu Varma and Others?
The movie has limited characters, and one of them happens to be Ritu Varma. She starts as the typical heroine. It is well done, and she is instantly charming and likeable. Then there is a change and Ritu Varma gets the look right but could have done better on the attitude aspect.

Apart from the lead pair, there is another one involving the supporting actors. The male half is the one who is given the responsibility of all the fun and comedy. Rakshan is okay. The dubbing in Telugu is alright. The dialogues, mostly silly, belong to passable variety. Niranjani Ahathian doesn’t do much except looking confused and tough.

And the final key part is essayed by Gautham Menon. The star director seen in a full-fledged acting part is decent. The dubbing, again, ruins the impact. He is spot-on and shines the brightest in that one scene towards the end.

Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Masala Coffee provides the music, and Harshavardhan Rameshwar gives the background score. The former could have been better. It lacks the feel to lift the romantic portions. The latter is alright. The cinematography by KM Bhaskaran is good, for the most part. The editing could have been better. The writing is decent, overall.

Basic Concept
Con Portions

First Half Up to the Con-angle Revelation
Uneven Narrative

Alternative Take
A film like Neevevaro can be seen as an alternative take as it shares similarities at a conceptual level.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with reservations

Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochaayante Review by Siddartha