Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings BOTTOM LINE
Utterly Predictable Bore


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 41 mins.

Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings What is the film about?
Tulasi and Krishna are in love with each other. Tulasi gets pregnant before marriage which leads to a furor in family. Years later they get married. But few days after the marriage the family members die mysteriously. Who is behind the murders and what happens in the end?

How is Naga-Shourya’s performance?
Naga Shaurya plays a character that is restrained in nature from heroic impulses. He is anything but the typical hero that we see him play all the time. It is a welcome change and needs to be appreciated. However, in Kanam there is nothing from him performance wise. He shines in casual romantic scenes that come in the beginning.

Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings Direction By A. L. Vijay?
AL Vijay over the years has regressed as a filmmaker. The problem is not the making but in the screenplay of the subjects. They are as dull and uninteresting as one can get. So, despite being neatly shot and reasonably well acted, Vijay’s films lack impact.

Kanam is another fine example of the problem director AL Vijay is symptomatic of. The story and screenplay of the film are almost non-existent. Right from the first frame we know where the movie is going. And there is absolutely no attempt from the director to freshen up the proceedings. Up until the very climax, the predictability in the narrative never leaves.

There are very few moments in either half that offer some respite. More than the story it is the predictable screenplay and writing that kill any interest in the movie. One can guess the upcoming scenes including the dialogues. It is that ordinary. Overall, barring the climax, there is nothing in Kanam of interest.

Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings Sai Pallavi and others?
Sai Pallavi plays a very emotional character in the movie. She is terrific. Be it the simple fun scenes or the emotional ones, Sai Pallavi shines. Apart from her, Priyadarshi has an important role. There is inconsistency in character, and it shows on the screen. The rest of the parts have no depth at all and just come and go.

Music and other departments?Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings
Music by Sam CS is alright. The background score is on predictable lines. The cinematography is superb, and editing is neat.

Sai Pallavi
Short Length

Drawbacks?Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings
Utterly Predictable

Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings Alternative Take
The idea needed further development in getting fleshed out characters and story.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Kanam Review by Siddartha Toleti

Kanam (Karu, Diya ) Review, Kanam (Karu, Diya) Movie Review Ratings

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Preview: Kanam

For Telugu audiences, ‘Kanam‘ is a Sai Pallavi movie that is coming right after her successful outings ‘Fidaa’ and ‘MCA’. We didn’t get enough of her acting finesse in the last release ‘MCA’. The little gap that came between ‘MCA’ and ‘Kanam’ has made the audiences restless waiting to see the natural belle in yet another natural role.

As far as Naga Shourya is concerned, his character didn’t excite much with regard to the movie but his latest comments on the ‘Fidaa’ star had raised the curiosity factor to see how this controversial couple will look on the screen and how would be their on-screen chemistry. He didn’t even attend the film’s big event held in Hyderabad, recently.

Keeping these bloopers aside, director AL Vijay is known for his zeal in selecting different subjects and dealing them with utmost sincerity. Audiences expect the same kind of ambition in ‘Kanam’, even. The trailer for the movie was genuine and we hope that would be the same in the case of the movie, as well.

It’s touted to be a serious horror film, miles away from the horror-comedy genre which was beaten to death in the recent times. There is an underlying message in the movie dealing with a serious issue with the backdrop of serious horror. So, audiences wouldn’t feel repetitive of the genre.

Sai Pallavi’s presence and her bold step to act as a mother is something that would appeal to the common audiences as a truthful act, away from the artificial roles. The emotional struggle of a mother and the pain of the unborn baby will be relatable to many.

Of course, the way the story is narrated and the message conveyed in a subtle manner will make a lot of difference. One can be sure that Sai Pallavi might have given her best. Audiences are waiting to see how the entire concept shaped up into an intriguing story. By the way, this movie will be simultaneously releasing in Tamil, as well.

Stay tuned, folks! Our Mirchi9 team will be right back with a genuine comprehensive Kanam Movie review.