Kanabadutaledu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Poorly Executed Routine Thriller


1h 55m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Sunil - Kanabadutaledu ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Sashi and Surya fall in love after an initial squabble. Sashi’s father is against their marriage which forces her to marry another guy Aditya.

After a few months, Sashi returns to Vizag with her hubby to kill Surya. Why did she take that decision and what really happened? There is another murderer in the town. Who is that? Are the two incidents interconnected, forms the basic plot of the film?

How Is Sunil’s Performance?
Sunil appears in the second half of the movie. He is a cut above the rest of the cast. He brings cohesiveness to the narrative which is missing in the first half. Sunil blends his newly developed serious image with the comic timing of the past. It is decent for the most part, although nothing special.

Director Balaraju M - Kanabadutaledu ReviewDirection by Balaraju M ?
Balaraju M directs Kanabadutaledu. The title means missing and the trailer too leads us towards a whodunit. However, it is not what we get here.

The beginning of the film is in line with thrillers with an unknown body found in a dump yard. However, as the narrative progresses things soon take a dramatic turn with a typical love story involved.

What we eventually see in the entire first half of the movie is an uneasy mixture of thriller based investigative narrative and a routine drama involving a love story. It is boring and patchy proceedings further make it difficult to sit through.

Finally, after the intermission, we get back to what is promised and promoted related to the movie – a murder investigation thriller. It is also in the second half that Sunil enters the proceedings as Detective Rama Krishna.

Unlike the first half, the second half feels a little cohesive due to Sunil’s presence and single-track focus on the murderer. The red herrings are pretty ordinary and predictable. Still, it leads to a decent end.

The problem is with the execution of the ‘ending’. It is weak and the central performance doesn’t help the cause. It was a make or break deal and it fails.

Overall, Kanabadutaledu has a forgetful first half. The second half is better comparatively, but it lacks the meat and bite to thrill with all its predictability. What we get is a tepid forgetful thriller that fails to deliver what it promises.

Himaja - Kanabadutaledu ReviewVaishali Raj and Others?
Vaishali Raj is decent and cute in the love portions. She interacts, but that’s expected from the terrain. But, there is nothing much to her character beyond.

Sukranth Veerella is below par. He has the right persona for the role but lacks the rugged charm to connect. Yugram is one dimensional and lacks impact.

Himaja gets a good role on paper. However, she fails to give it the required high when it mattered. Ravi Varma is his typical self. Kancherapalem Kishore is a surprise in a short role. He plays a creepy cop with gusto and succeeds mostly. Kireeti Dammaraju is also given a similar makeover, but, he doesn’t click like him. The rest are okay.

Music Director Madhu Ponnas - Kanabadutaledu ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
The background score by Madhu Ponnas is neat. It sets the right tempo throughout the narrative. The cinematography by Sandeep Baddula is below par. The editing Ravi Teja Kurmana should have been better. The narrative has jerky and abrupt translations most of the time. The narrative lacks smoothness as a result. The writing is terrible. Needless rhyming and lack of depth are apparent from the beginning.

Praveen - Kanabadutaledu ReviewHighlights?
A couple Of Supporting Actors
Parts Of Second Half


Ravi Varma - Kanabadutaledu ReviewAlternative Take
Better handling of the core thriller plot related to the murder, firstly, and with a knock out ending, things could have been much better for Kanabadutaledu.

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Kanabadutaledu Review by Siddartha Toleti