Kalyana-Vaibhogame-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Missing magic.


‘U’ Certified, 157 mins.

Kalyana-Vaibhogame-ReviewWhat is the film about?
Shaurya and Divya and pressurized by their parents for marriage against their individual wishes. After numerous marriage proposals they hatch a plan to escape this onslaught. What is the plan and what happens in the end is what the film is about.

How is Naga Shourya’s performance?
Naga Shaurya is in his elements, there is no heavy duty performance required and he carries the casual act with great ease. There are couple of emotional scenes in which he is okay.

Kalyana-Vaibhogame-ReviewDirection By Nandini Reddy?
Nandini Reddy once again showcases her talent in getting entertainment out of regular scenarios in a cinematic way. It is this entertainment that keeps the proceedings alive even though the story is weak. The effortless way in which screenplay progresses is a treat to watch. Now only if there was a strong story to give us a solid impact. The climax here let’s down the film completely.

Kalyana-Vaibhogame-ReviewMalavika Nair and others?
Malavika Nair much like her previous film gets a character which requires her to act. She is a natural and grabs our attention throughout. Anand seen after a long time is good and so is Raashi who gets better role here than in the film that released last week. Aishwarya is good performance wise even though the voice is big turn off. Others as friends and family of the lead pair are aptly cast.

Music-Director-movie-reviewMusic and other departments?
Kalyani Malik has given one good song in the film and it is butchered. Background score is better. Editing and cinematography is neat. Dialogues going with the flow of the film are fine. Costumes for heroine are bad.

Fast paced narration
Good casting

Thin storyline

Kalyana-Vaibhogame-ReviewAlternative Take
There are sequences and moments in the film which takes the film to great heights. They were simple but why they work is due to excellent writing and other technical departments coming together to elevate seemingly simple scenes. That was the only way this film going to work and it is the alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts.

Will you recommend it?
With lots of reservation.

Kalyana Vaibhogame Review by Siddhartha