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A Faithful But Polished Remake


‘A’Certified, 2 hrs 55 mins

Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
Kabir Rajdheer Singh (Shahid Kapoor) falls in love with Preeti (Kiara Advani) at first sight. Later she too falls for him, which gradually grows in intensity. What happens when Preeti’s father opposes to the marriage and how a Kabir with anger management issue takes it is what the movie is all about?

How Is Shahid Kapoor’s Performance?
Shahid Kapoor is terrific and delivers his career-best performance as Kabir Singh He has a body of great work to his credit, so this isn’t something out of the blue. It is the connection with the character and its appeal and intensity that makes it stand out.

The entire film is a testament to the acting caliber of Shahid Kapoor. All the intense and emotional scenes, the ones with attitude are delivered with aplomb. By the middle of the second half, one is sure to feel and connect with his self-destructive plight.

Now, coming to another side of the equation and an inevitable one, the comparison with the original, and how the performance fares. Well, it is the only aspect that can’t be undone. As said at the start, Shahid Kapoor has a few great acting moments to his credit. So, Kabir Singh lacks the freshness that was associated with Vijay Deverakonda’s act in the original. Also, for the college part, Shahid Kapoor appears a bit old. These are, however, minor nit-pickings as those who have not seen the original will develop an emotional connect for sure.

Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review RatingsDirection by Sandeep Reddy Vanga?
Sandeep Reddy Vanga who has directed the original Arjun Reddy has helmed the remake as well. When the same person does the original and remakes, and if that person is doing it with the same passion, there is a possibility of minor improvements that brings a difference to the remake. We see that with Kabir Singh.

Once again, as someone who has seen the original, Kabir Singh can’t be viewed in isolation, and the comparative tone arises by default. And coming back to Kabir Singh, it is a proper frame to frame remake of the original. The intensity is maintained similarly.

While the frames are same, the casting choices and small changes bring a freshness and wholesomeness to the remake. The supporting cast is much better in Kabir Singh, the family of the hero, the heroine, they all come up with a much better act that fills the smaller scenes of Kabir Singh in ways the original couldn’t. The friend character, on the other hand, isn’t on the same level but is still mighty fine.

The first half is ditto; it is the second one where we see these small changes. The bonding between brothers is beautifully captured, and they look like one. The father and son scenes too are lifted with the former coming up with a matured act. In general, the rawness of Arjun Reddy is polished here, and we get completeness all the way.

Coming to the problematic parts, they are the same as Arjun Reddy. The length is an issue, but it is necessary to have a full impact of the original. The central character of Kabir Singh will be a problem with a segment due to the perceived misogynistic attitude from a certain section.

Overall, Kabir Singh is a natural looking perfect remake from the creator of the original. One can watch any version and be satisfied. To those who have no clue of Southern version, Kabir Singh will be a heart touching emotional tale that they will remember for a long time to come.

Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review RatingsKiara Advani and Others?
Kiara Advani is lovely and apt for the part of Preeti. She offers a perfect combination of glamour and homely looks that will make the boys go weak on their knees. She is a great asset to Kabir Singh. Soham Majumdar playing the friend of Shahid Kapoor is superb. It was a crucial role, and he is well cast for the part.

The rest of the cast Arjan Bajwa (brother), Suresh Oberoi (father), and Kamini Kaushal (grandmother) are all excellent. They, as a whole, elevate the proceedings with their intensity filled acts.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?
Multiple composers provide the music, and it is sensational. One of the biggest reasons for the huge initial for the movie is the music. The songs are a rare combination of originality and chartbusters appeal. The background score mostly reused from the original, and it is fantastic. The cinematography is neat, and editing is alright. The writing is terrific and never feels like it is a South Indian language version re-written for Hindi.

Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review RatingsHighlights?
Shahid Kapoor

Lead Character

Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review RatingsAlternative Take
Watch the Telugu original Arjun Reddy.

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