Exciting Idea But Exceedingly Boring


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 13 mins

Vijay Antony - Kaasi ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Bharat is a successful doctor in the US. One day he finds out that he has been adopted. Bharat sets out a journey to find his parents. What did he discover in the process is what the film is all about?

How Is Vijay Antony’s Performance?
Vijay Antony plays multiple roles, and that seems to be the driving point to do the movie. He is seen in flashback roles of various characters, and it offers him scope to don different getups. However, there is nothing much to do regarding performance; it remains the same with little changes in the looks.

Director Kiruthiga UdhayanidhiDirection by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi?
Kiruthinga Udayanidhi has a relatively simple plot in hand. To make it exciting, he has taken a different route with the narrative, and it involves hero playing multiple characters. The idea is not that original, but we don’t see it often which makes it exciting. The problem is that it is overdone.

Another significant and interest killer is the individual stories that are part of the narrative. They feel disjointed initially, and one wonders what is happening or why is that important to be part of the story. And this feeling continues until the pre-climax. That is a large part of the movie, and by then the patience of the audience is over. The individual stories in itself aren’t any great shakes to make an engaging viewing.

The climax is where the whole thing comes together, and it is only in those final moments one realizes what the director intended to say all along. The issue is it comes too late in the day, and no one really bothers to connect everything even though it is very simplistic. Also, the overtly religious tone doesn’t help the cause and make things further unbearable.

In the end, the message that the story wants to convey is right, and the idea to do so is also a fresh one, but the execution and the core stories itself are let down and un-engaging making Kashi a boring and tedious watch.

AnjaliAnjali and Others?
There are multiple characters in the movie. Some of them are good actors, but they are only to show their faces and
Lead us to flashback after few scenes. Once the flashback starts, Vijay Antony takes over. Oh yes, Anjali is playing the role of the heroine, and she is only for few songs and comedy scenes. Yogi Babu makes an impression among the rest of the cast.

Music Director Vijay AntonyMusic and Other Departments?
Vijay Antony has also provided the music which is forgettable. The background score is better in comparison. The cinematography is alright in parts. Editing should have been tighter. Action choreography is nice but gets predictable soon.

Short Length

Too Many Flashbacks
Boring Narration

LalAlternative Take
A fast-paced thriller with multiple perspective narratives would have been a better option.

Did I Enjoy It?
Only the end

Will You Recommend It?

Kaasi Review by Siddartha