joru telugu movie reviewBOTTOM LINE
Nonsense redefined.

140 mins, “A” Certified.

Oh-No Rating

Sandeep kishan in joru movie review
What is the film about?
Anu (Rashi Khanna) is an NRI who returns to India after many years. She accidentally meets Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan) on the way before she gets attacked. Who are the people attacking her and what is there motive for the attack? How Sundeep helps Anu in the whole process is basically what the film is about.

Performance by Sundeep Kishan?
Sundeep Kishan is his usual self. There is no improvement in his performance or in his screen presence. Looking at him in the film it feels like he has just slept walk through it without any real interest. If that is casual acting then god forbid what it would look like if he sleepwalks.

Kumar Nagendra in joru movie review
Direction By Kumar Nagendra?
Kumar Nagendra had previously Gundello Godari. Based on that film one would think the director would make a more grounded attempt but let’s keep aside such expectation for a moment for every director has the right to make the entertainers. But watching the way Joru unfolds it makes one question big time, if it’s the same director who has made the previous. It’s not like the previous film was that good, it’s just that Joru is that bad. It never gives us a feeling of watching one singular film. The scenes looks disjointed and the narrative absolutely clumsy.

Rashi khanna in joru movie review
Rashi Khanna and others performance?
There are three heroines and Rashi Khanna is given the ‘main’ role among them. She gets to act dignified for most part and we guess that defined her being the ‘main’. Sushma gets to play the dumbest female character ever and she seems to be a natural at it. Priya Benerjee has no real scope to show her level of dumbness because she doesn’t have enough screen time. Sayaji Shinde is the biggest presence in the film along with hero and Brahmanandam. He does everything in his capacity to make the character and so does Brahmanandam but they have done these parts so many times before that they come across as stale. Sapthagiri is fine comic talent but he is used in wrong ways here. The rest of character artists (Ajay, Kasi Vishwanath, Prudhvi, Satyam Rajesh etc) just fill the screen.

bheems in joru movie review
Sekhar Chandra and other departments?
Music by Bheems is below par barring a song. Background score by Sunny MR is decent. Cinematography is fine in the outdoor locations but poor in the interior sequences. Editing is bad. The dialogues lack any flair in comedy. It is the few comedians with brilliant timing that make them look good.

Brahmanandam in joru movie review
Few comedy scenes.
Small length of the film.

Story, screenplay, direction.
Feels so length even with less duration.
Silliness of the whole enterprise.

box office talk of joru movie review
Alternative take:
With films like these we wish the makers simply had sense to not make them at all, especially when they have been done to death already. One gets a feeling that the makers themselves knew the mess they have created midway and simply went about completing it by adding as much comedy as possible to cover the whole mess.

Did I enjoy it?

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Oh-No Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha