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Jodi Arrives A Decade Late


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 16 mins

Aadi - Jodi Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Kapil (Aadi) falls in love with Kanchanamala (Shraddha Srinath) at first sight. Everything goes right until speed breaker hits in the form of Kanchanamala’s uncle Raju (Sijju). He doesn’t like Kamalakar (Naresh), who is the father of Kapil (Aadi). What is the issue and how Kapil resolves it to get the love is what the movie is all about?

How Is Aadi’s Performance?
Aadi is charming and effortless as usual. But, there is nothing new or fresh at all. He does the same, as if a machine, going through the chores of a commercial hero. There are no moments to speak off that stands out as a performer. If not spoiling anything is fine, then that is the biggest credit that Aadi can get.

The primary blame for that also goes to the story which offers nothing new. Aadi does what can be done as a salaried person would do his work coming to the office.

Director Vishwanath - Jodi Telugu Movie ReviewDirection by Vishwanath?
Director Vishwanath Arigela has a very predictable and outdated plot in his hands. Giving heroine a foreign language teacher character doesn’t constitute freshness; it is what is done with that that matters.

Right from the opening, we know where the movie is headed. Every scene is as predictable as it comes and overstays that it is needed. The various subplots build to get to the main point feels so needless when seen in totality, at the end.

Still, there is a couple of funny moments and emotional ones that work fine. It is within the confines of the story we have and totally removing any expectations one might have had at the start.

A meandering screenplay further kills any potential for engagement. The different subplots come together so randomly. They also seem out of place for a long time until they are brought back to remind of its existence. The whole track of Avinash seems unnecessary and is executed in a silly way.

A lot of time is spent on comedy, romance and song that do nothing to build emotion in the main story. They act as long-fillers to a predictable plot. In fact, the movie gets over at the pre-climax itself. What happens afterwards feels like an unwanted extension. And that is done only because they have been created in the first half to extend the story.

Jodi is not that lengthy, but it is not the case while watching. The lack of any significant happenings and journey to reach a predictable end make it a tiring watch.

Overall, Jodi is a total waste of time as it offers nothing new. It is another movie from Aadi that should have come at the start of the decade. It is a forgetful affair.

Shraddha Srinath- Jodi Movie ReviewShraddha Srinath and Others?
Shraddha Srinath plays a typical heroine character who is a combination of beauty and homeliness. She does her part well without any complaints even though it offers nothing. Senior actors Naresh and Sijju and veteran artist Gollapudi Maruthi Rao have better roles. It is their assured performances that make the highly routine proceedings bearable. Sathya shines in a few scenes whereas Vennela Kishore is wasted.

Music Director Phani Kalyan - Jodi Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Phani Kalyan is one of the decent aspects of the movie. A couple of songs are okay. But, at one point it does feel there are too many songs than what is needed. The cinematography is alright considering the scale of the movie. The editing could have been better. The dialogues lack depth and are also a reason for the overall failure to connect.

naresh -Jodi Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few Comedy Scenes
Sincere Acts From Senior Artists
Message On Betting

Weak Story
Bloated Screenplay
No Emotional Connection
Too Many Songs

Vennela _Kishore - Jodi Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The betting angle involving the father and the businessman track should have been better integrated into the core narrative. It would make the proceedings more cohesive, overall.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Jodi Review by Siddartha Toleti

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