Jil Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Too flimsy.


“A” Certified, 140 Mins.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
A fireman is caught is a situation that puts his family and lover in trouble. How he facts the problem is Jil.

How is Gopi Chand’s performance?
Gopichand plays a very cool and controlled character in the film. The action moments and warnings retain the same tone but everything else has been toned down considerably to give audience a new experience.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewDirection By Radha Krishna Kumar?
It was evident from the promo itself that Radha Krishna is going to attract lot of attention for his stylish taking. And that is exactly what the director delivers, a stylish product. Unfortunately for him despite his best efforts to bring emotions into the subject it just doesn’t happen. They are much like his stylish presentation just on the surface effects with no real meat or connect. As a result we lose interest in the proceedings pretty soon. The second is a chore to sit through due to the reasons mentioned above.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewRashi Khanna and others performance?
Heroine Rashi Khanna is a great asset the the film. Her character has been designed in a way that will appeal to the urban sensibilities. She is also shown in a very glamorous avatar in songs which also adds to overall positive impression. Villain Kabir is a great find. His get up and styling give him tremendous screen presence but it hasn’t been fully used, one must say, in a way that creates a lasting impression. Among the rest of cast that includes Chalapathi Rao, Avasarala Srinivas, Brahmaji, Supreeth and Orvashi etc, it is the veteran actress who stands out.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Ghibran is a major highlight of the film along with its picturization. The background score is not on same level but is still fine. Cinematography is superb and action choreography is neatly done. Dialogues are good in parts.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
First half.
Short length.

Very thin storyline.
Predictable screenplay.
Lack of emotions.

Jil Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative take:
For films like these to work the screenplay must be super strong. The director checks all the boxes to get the emotional aspect going but still fails as it feels formulaic. An alternative way would be to completely ditch the formula and take on a unexpected journey. It is not enough if we just give an unusual character like that of a fireman it has to be accountable in screenplay as well.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, few parts.

Will you recommend it?
Not wholeheartedly.

Jil Review by Siddhartha

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