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Nani Powered Emotional Ride


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 40 mins

Nani Jersey Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Arjun (Nani) is an extremely talented cricket player who quits the sport due to internal politics and family responsibility. Year’s pass by and he is worn down by many issues. How Arjun’s son (Ronit) simple request forces him back to the game and where it ends is what the movie is all about?

How Is Nani’s Performance?
Nani is in terrific form in the film. It is his movie out and out. The acting is mostly emotional and less on the funny side that is mainly exploited by the director. It comes across as a welcome change and for sure is a big reason why the whole experience of watching the actor on screen feels different or new. Jersey will be among his best acts, if not the best, for sure.

The way Nani has been presented in a raw and rugged manner is also well done. Coming to the aggressive attitude portrayal, there is an improvement from the ‘rockstar’ act of the Krishnarjuna Yuddham. It lasts for a brief period, so that doesn’t bear an impact on the narrative.

Director Gowtam-TinnanuriDirection by Gowtham?
Gautam Tinnanuri is back with a new outing after Malli Rava. In terms of story, this is a step down as it is downright predictable. However, the talent of the director lies in the fact that he narrates the very predictable story engaging. The growth of confidence in the director is evident in the making.

The movie ticks all the predictable tropes right from the start and goes about at its pace in a nonchalant manner. The entertainment is built into the narrative that flows smoothly. The drama is also part of it, and they flow seamlessly. In the first half, the core emotional setup is well established despite all the predictability.

The second half is where the predictability turns out to be a problem as the narrative gets into the sports mode. The one way progress of the ‘star’ at the centre gets boring pretty soon. The underdog element ceases to exist after a point. It is the biggest issue with the movie.

Luckily, the all-important pre-climax scene involving the son works out wonderfully. The father-son dialogue creates the much-needed connection to the character of Arjun that in turn brings back the underdog element in place.

The climax is neatly done but is sure to evoke a mixed reaction. There will be a segment which will take the twist in stride, but another section would find it shoehorned to create an artificial empathy. One gets a feeling that they have been cheated throughout the narrative that has passed with the final revelation.

Finally, it boils down to the climax and the ending. Depending on which side of the equation the audience is at the end, the enjoyment of the film would vary. However, irrespective of liking or not, Jersey is a reasonably decent and fairly satisfying one-time watch.

Jersey Telugu -Movie ReviewShraddha Srinath and Others?
Shraddha Srinath is presented beautifully in the movie. While she has a routine housewife role, it is sure to register among the audience. Sathyaraj is ever reliable as usual with his supporting part. He brings the lightness into the narrative which gets heavy most of the times. Apart from them, the kid has got a lovely role. He comes across as too modern for the 90’s setup the movie is set in, but that is a minor quibble as the sentiment works out. These are the main characters and the rest which includes the likes of Praveen, Sampath and others have small roles that fill the world.

Music Director Anirudh-RavichanderMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Anirudh Ravichander is the lifeline of the movie as much as Nani. There are no blockbuster songs, but everything that we hear is appropriately blended into the narrative to elevate the proceedings. Many small moments have a heightened impact due to bgm. The cinematography is fine. Nothing spectacular, but it serves the purpose. The editing is neat although one does get a feeling of the movie being lengthy. The writing is fabulous.

Sathya Raj - Jersey Movie ReviewHighlights?

Parts Of The Second Half

Jersey Telugu -Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The way it is at present is fine for a regular emotional drama, a more focus on the sports section and internal politics would make for an interesting alternative take.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Jersey Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Nani delivers his career-best performances in Jersey. There is a lag in both the halves but the emotional scenes and heartwarming dialogues make Jersey a decent watch at the end. Go with the right expectation. Mirchi9 frank review coming soon.

– Jersey comes to an end after revealing a very emotional fact about Arjun.

– Mumbai vs Hyderabad Ranji final match is happening. Again, Arjun becomes a savior for the team and leads the team to the victory.

– Arjun falls sick while getting ready for the final match where selectors will see his game. Arjun’s wife asks him to choose between the game and the family. The conflict reason isn’t strong enough here.

– Ranji matches have started. Arjun shows extraordinary performances in the field.

– Jersey Second half started. Arjun got accepted into the team and set to play for Ranji matches.

First Half Report:

Jersey first half is a bit emotional and a bit slow. Nani as Arjun lived the role of a struggling father and a humiliated husband. Overall, it’s a decent watch so-far.

– Arjun decided to get back into the field as a player at 36. He wants to re-start his game and play for Indian Cricket team. Interval.

– Arjun plays extremely well in the charity match despite his team losing it to New Zealand team. Arjun fails to fulfill his son’s birthday wish.

– Arjun (Nani) was forced to play a charity game after a long time. He agrees to play the game to fulfill his son’s birthday wish with the match fee he gets.

– The story shifts between Arjun’s present and past love life. On the other hand, Arjun is still struggling to find 500 rupees to buy a Cricket Jersey for his son’s birthday.

– Jersey show started. Unemployed and once a good Cricket player Arjun (Nani) struggling to buy a Cricket Jersey for his son’s birthday. Arjun (Nani) living on his wife’s Sarah (Shraddha Srinath) income. Arjun’s son is also a Cricket fan.

Jersey US Premier live updates will begin from 5 pm EST (2.30 am IST).

Preview: Jersey

No more politics as of now, in the Telugu States. People are done with the campaigning scenario and want to beat this Summer heat with perfect entertainers. ‘Jersey‘ is coming at the right moment, with all the right pre-release ingredients to make us hope for the Summer bonanza.

Nani is the soul of this film as he is playing the character of a cricketer who is in his mid-thirties. Going by the teaser and the trailer, Nani seems to be all set to woo us with his performance with an intense role. He gave just the right kind of dose the audiences needed to come to the theatres, this Summer and the rest will rely upon how the director delivered the project.

Coming to the director, one must appreciate Gautham Tinnanuri for being successful in showcasing his product in an impressive way, so far. Till now, he has hit the right chord with the audiences and set the perfect pitch for Nani to play his game in ‘Jersey’. Hope, he would live up to the expectations he has created for himself.

Anirudh Ravichandran, the music director of ‘Jersey’ did his part delivering a classy treat for the audiences. He is anyway famous for the terrific background scores he delivers. Just, the right word of mouth that the story of Gautham Tinnanuri is intriguing enough would make the music more memorable.

With all the eyes set on ‘Jersey’ and perfect pre-release set up adding to the intrigue, it’s time to know if ‘Jersey’ is that movie that the audiences want to watch this Summer. Keep watching this space for ‘Jersey’ review from team mirchi9. Stay tuned, folks!