Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Nothing Unforeseeable


“U” Certified, 136 mins.

Vishal Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
How a cop comes to a city plagued by extortion’s and killings and saves it.

How is Vishal’s performance?
There is absolutely nothing new on display here from hero Vishal. This is one of his regular commercial outing where he goes about his work in a clinical manner. Only towards the climax that we get to see the actor put some effort and the difference is clearly visible.

Susindran Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewDirection By Susindran?
Director Suseenthiran has made some solid mass movies in his career but the common element between them was the very realistic handling of subjects. When he tried to go commercial with full vengeance he has failed. In Jayasurya we see a bit of both sides.

First of the film goes on in a full on predictable commercial mode with very thin storyline and hence this half never clicks. It is in the second half where the director showcases a glimpse of his best. Here too the story takes backseat after initial revelation but the way whole thing lead to the climax is neatly done, even though predictable. This second half which highlights the strength of director is ultimately what saves the film from being a complete sink.

Kajal Agarwal Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewKajal Agarwal and other artists?
At the end of the film one doesn’t even remember that Kajal is the heroine. Even in the beginning it looks like the character was extended just to have a top heroine. But the one who actually gets the best role is director cum actor, Samuthirakani. His character and the motives are mainstay of the film. comedian Soori plays a routine sidekick character with no real spark.

D Imman Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music of the film has been provided by D Imman. Lyrics and singer choice ruins the songs in Telugu but the musician makes of for it with the background score. Cinematography is very good and editing is smooth. Dialogues are alright.

Highlights Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Pre climax
Beginning of the second half

First half
Predictable screenplay
Silly humor and forced songs

Drawbacks Jayasurya Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Getting into the main conflict soon would have done world of good to the film. also if the main conflict is brought soon alternatively it could have been exploited further in second half by expanding the overall universe the film is set in.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, parts of second half

Will you recommend it?
With lots of hesitation

Jayasurya Review by Siddhartha