Jayadev Review – A Beyond Disastrous Remake


A Beyond Disastrous Remake


‘U/A’ Ceritified, 2 hrs 02 mins.

Ganta-RaviWhat is the film about?
Jayadev handles the case of death of a police in his area. Who is the killer and how Jayadev makes him pay for the numerous grave mistakes, is what the film is all about?

How is Ganta Ravi’s performance?
Ganta Ravi is absolutely terrible in the lead role as a sincere and fearless cop. He is expressionless and frankly not a hero material, based on what he has done in Jayadev. There is no body language, it looks awkward as hell. He couldn’t even carry a montage song. The less said about acting and diction the better. The way he goes about the proceedings one never gets the feeling that it is a police story rather it looks like an unintended parody of sorts.

Director Jayanth C. ParanjeeDirection By Jayanth C. Paranjee?
There is nothing to fault Jayanth here, this movie seems to be done for paycheck. Given the casting in place, he has nothing to do with, anyway.

The first half of the movie is just a nice setup. We get an idea of the characters and the problem. The basic story is the same but it has been neatly customized to our sensibilities. The problem is at every turn the bad casting never lets one get immersed in the proceedings. All the crucial moments to engage with narrative come across as unintentionally comic or just bad, due to the pathetic acting and presence of the lead actor.

The second half, despite such uninspiring presence, is decent. We are at a point engaged to the narrative even though the hero tries his best to make it otherwise, thanks to the basic content. The half an hour portion before the climax is good even with all the negatives in place. The pacing is good and the screenplay is gripping in that portion. Overall in spite of few gripping moments, the movie is avoidable due to the lead actor.

Malavika-RaajMalvika Raaj and others?
Malavika Raj is as bad as a hero. Senior actor from 90’s Vinod plays a negative role and he overacts like never before. As a result, he never develops a presence that emanates any sort of terror. The rest of the actors have barely any role to register. Vennela Kishore is wasted.

music-director-mani-sharmaMusic and other departments?
Music by Mani Sharma is poor. The background score remains close to the original in spirit. The cinematography is bad and so is editing. Dialogues are okay.

Half an hour before climax

Lead actor

Supreet-Reddy-KatrajuAlternative Take
The remake deserved far better than what we have been served. A senior top hero like Venkatesh or Ravi Teja would have been perfect and made the movie a entertaining whistle worthy cop drama. Since that’s not the case watch the original Sethupathi instead.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Jayadev Review by Siddartha Toleti

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