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A Fun-Filled Entertainment Ride


‘U’ Certificate

Naveen Polishetty - Jathi Ratnalu-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Srikanth (Naveen Polishetty) is a small-town guy. To escape an embarrassing family business, he ends up in Hyderabad. Two more friends accompany him. How these three end up in jail? How did they come out is the basic plot of the movie?

How Is Naveen’s Performance?
Naveen Polishetty is terrific. The movie focuses on his strength, and he delivers. He easily stands out among the crowd with his one-man show act.

Right from the beginning, one instantly connects to the lead due to the endearing performance of Naveen Polishetty. The freshness in comic timing is where he scores the most. There is a lot to explore on his dramatic side, but that is for some other day. Jathi Ratnalu is not that kind of film. For a beginning, Jathi Ratnalu is another movie that will firmly establish Naveen Polishetty as a talent to watch out for.

Director Anudeep KVDirection by Anudeep ?

Anudeep KV directs Jathi Ratnalu. He also provides the story, screenplay, and dialogues besides directing. The movie’s plot is wafer-thin, but the director still manages to hold the attention because he excels in other departments.

The tone of the movie set up neatly in the initial few scenes. It is a crucial element for the film as both the silliness and the story’s routineness is well established. The slice of life feel is also brought out at the same time. It is the main essence of the film.

Once one is connected with the characters and the setup, the rest of the narrative is a joyride. We travel with the main lead, and his escapades are the mainstay of the movie. Although not similar, we are taken back to the days of Ravi Teja’s Venky and his friend’s gang. Of course, the whole narrative is up-to-date with modern sensibilities.

The first half passes along with simple funny quips and one-liners. One misses seriousness, but it is never an issue as long as there is entertainment. The writing is the key here, which is unrelenting and always on the mark.

The interval twist is expected. It helps raise a little curiosity in the second half. An element of surprise is there as to what can be done next, but that’s it.

The narrative shifts to the court and jail in the second half. The other parts are also neatly mixed into them, but these are the key to take the story forward. The fun and entertainment are always present, and that is the mainstay. It does get dumber by the minute, especially the court sequences.

After all that has happened, the ending seems a bit downer, and that is where Jathi Ratnalu falls short a bit. What is presented is alright, but it could have been much more. One gets a feeling that the whole thing is wrapped up in a hurry not to extend the proceedings any further.

Overall, Jathi Ratnalu delivers what it promises, a rollicking fun ride. Naveen Polishetty rocks the show as the writing gives him wings to fly. Watch it if you like to have fun and entertainment at the cinemas.

Faria Abdullah - Jathi Ratnalu-ReviewFaria Abdullah and Others?

Faria Abdullah is adequate for the part. She gets scope mainly in the second half and is fine there. One can’t help but feel, she looks a bit aged compared to the hero. It makes the pairing a little odd.

Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna have done many films as a comic duo. Jathi Ratnalu is another addition to the list. They are terrific as usual, delivering the punches and creating bromance bonding with the lead and among themselves. Vennela Kishore is wasted. Murali Sharma and Brahmaji are okay. Brahmanandam is a delightful addition. The rest of the cast, which includes the likes of Tanikella Bharani, Naresh etc., are okay.

Music and Other Departments?

Music by Radhan dominates the background score in Jathi Ratnalu. The songs are good and placed well. The cinematography of Siddam Manohar could have been better. The lack of budget is visible due to his work, in parts. The editing by Abhinav Danda is neat. As mentioned previously, the writing is superb, and it is where the movie scores.

Rahul Ramakrishna - Jathi Ratnalu-ReviewHighlights?

Naveen Polishetty



First Half


Ending Block

Extreme Dumbness At Times

Slightly Lengthy

Priyadarshi - Jathi Ratnalu-ReviewAlternative Take

The whole track involving Mahesh could have been better integrated into the narrative leading to a well-rounded climax. What we have feels compared to the rest.

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Jathi Ratnalu Review by Siddartha Toleti

jathi Ratnalu Review Ratings

— Jathi Ratnalu ends on a fun note. Visit back for our detailed review shortly.

— Surprise! Most happening hero appears in a blink and miss cameo.

— It’s time for the final hearing. Justice Brahmi is hearing the trial.

— Jathi Ratnalu second half started. Brahmi enters the show as a Judge. Three friends need to prove their innocence in a crime case.

First Half Report:

The first half of Jathi Ratnalu is passable. The comedy works out, especially the sharp counters. Naveen Polishetty is rocking the show with his timing. The rest chip in with their bits.

— Srikanth, Ravi and Sekar get into an unexpected trouble and gets arrested. Interval.

— Swatantra, the first electronics company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Subhalekha Sudhakar is hoping for a miracle to save his firm.

— Srikanth is trying to impress Chitti (Faria) while he is trying to find a job in the city.

– Jathi Ratnalu show started. Three friends move to Hyderabad from Jogipet for respect and jobs. Sreekanth (Naveen) has two months time get a job otherwise he should be back to village and work for his father’s Ladies Emporium.

Preview: Jathi Ratnalu

‘Jathi Rathnalu’ is coming with a superb buzz that has got the movie the talk of the town after the release of the theatrical trailer. In a clear sense, it’s the comic entertainment that’s in the store that is attracting the buzz, big time.

Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarsi and Rahul Ramakrishna; the comic trio is a killer combo and they seemed quite promising from the promos we’ve got to watch. It’s Naveen Polishetty who made the audiences curious because of the virtue of his debut movie ‘Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya’.

The biggest asset that has been crucial for the movie is Nag Ashwin turning the producer under the banner Swapna Cinema for this small movie and he has done all in his capacity planning and organising the publicity that attracted the audiences.

His team even developed curiosity among the US audiences who were earlier not ready to come to the theatres to watch the movie due to the corona scare. The director of the movie, Anudeep KV succeeded to garner a very good buzz for the movie with the material he has put out, out there.

When everything is going really great for the movie till now, it’s time to see if Naveen Polishetty has got his second successful movie in Tollywood. Will this be Nag Ashwin’s debut hit as a producer? Stay tuned folks, we’ll be back with a comprehensive and genuine ‘Jathi Rathanlu’ review. Stay with us!