Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Untidy and exhaustive.


‘U/A’ Certified, 149 mins.

Nani Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewWhat is the film about?
A common man’s fight again corrupt government officers.

How is Nani’s performance?
Hero Nani gets to play a role that eventually grows larger than life. The actor is good as long as it’s at common man level. The actor through his voice is able to convey that emotion and intensity required for such character but he lacks the same in terms of body language.

Samuthirakani Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewDirection By Samuthirakani?
The director has taken an issue that is relevant but the execution lacks the magic that is required to make such heavy subject work. Still the whole set up to the film, the first half makes for an engaging watch. The second half begins in an interesting manner but soon boomerangs into different direction. For a moment the story at hand takes backseat and then we finally return to it in the end. Everything in between the new tangent and till its back on track sticks out, more so at the climax.

Amala Paul Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewAmala Paul and others performance?
Amala Paul has a small role in the film if we look at the larger picture. She was okay. Vennela Kishore gets role of a lifetime in terms of importance and space and he makes full use of it. Sarath Kumar has an abrupt beginning and end and hence fails to make any impact. Chandra Mohan, Tanikella Bharani, Dhanraj, Prudhvi etc seems to have space only to give the local flavor to a film that predominantly has non-local sensibilities even in terms of act.

G.V.Prakash Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by GV Prakash is good even though they are few and far in between. The background score is also fine. Cinematography and editing should have been better. Dialogues are good keeping in mind the seriousness at hand.

Highlights Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewHighlights?
Few scenes.
Emotional resonance.

Lack of nativity.
Feels lengthy, especially second half.

Drawbacks Jenda Pai Kapiraju ReviewAlternative take:
The basic idea and the problem that the makers targeted were good. An alternative take would be to develop the second half into a full fledged film by having both the characters more fleshed out while the system remains the same.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes the first half.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but with reservations.

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