Spice-less Masala Entertainer


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 45 mins

BalakrishnaWhat Is the Film About?
Narasimha (Balakrishna) wows to save Gowry (Nayantara) and her family for life by making a sacrifice. When trouble hits the family of Gowry how Narasimha saves them? What is the sacrifice made by him?

How Is Balakrishna’s Performance?
Balakrishna plays a character that he has done million times before. He romances and mouths dialogues with a fish in the water kind of ease like only he can. The problem here is one that of freshness. A special mention must be made to the dances which are remarkable considering his age.

Director KS RavikumarDirection by KS Ravikumar?
KS Ravikumar is a senior pro, and he goes about his work clinically. His experience is visible when we think about the movie in entirety.

Jai Simha has a predictable story with a small twist. KS Ravikumar manages to keep the drama tight around that one little twist. The approach and narration are old-fashioned which is a massive problem with the film. The entire comedy track feels so dated and is also cringeworthy. However, it has a purpose in the narrative taking it forward rather than act as speed breakers.

The first half of Jai Simha is fine with a couple of sequences standing out. The interval bang gets elevated due to a small twist. Post interval things follow a predictable path, but it is again the drama and fundamental conflict of the hero which keeps one engaged. The ending portions of the flashback are the heart of the movie, and if one fails to connect to it, Jai Simha ends up being a tedious watch. Overall, Jai Simha is a predictable average masala fare made in an old style.

NayanataraNayanatara and Others?
Nayantara looks and acts well as one expects from her. There is nothing much to talk about the other two heroines. Ashutosh Rana overcast. Jayaprakash Reddy is wasted. Brahmanandam feels so jaded in the setup. One gets a feeling that the comedian is doing a role written for Vadivelu. Prakash Raj and Murali Mohan are reliable.

Music Director chirantan-bhattMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Chirantan Bhatt is alright. The background score is better in parts. The cinematography is decent. Editing is neat. Dialogues are below par, on the whole.

Jagapathi BabuHighlights?
Routine but engaging drama

Old-fashioned making
Comedy track

hari priyaAlternative Take
A more serious track involving Nayantara and her family would have made for a better drama.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes but with huge reservations

Jai Simha Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

– Jai Simha is an Okay movie only if you don’t mind the outdated story and routine comedy. Visit back for our detailed frank review soon.

– After a routine climax fight, the movie ends on an emotional note.

– Finally, the Baby related twist revealed but it’s an okay twist.

– Nothing much happening in terms of the story, flashback episode drags forever.

– “Neetho Nenunta’ is another decently shot song with decent choreography.

– Second half starts with the flashback episode of Narasimha (Balayya) in Vizag.

First Half Report:

Jai Simha has a passable first half, yet the suspense factor maintained throughout makes us look forward to the second half. The real story is yet to begin. On the flip side, the film suffers done to death Brahmi’s comedy track and old-fashioned narration.

– “Ammakutti Ammakutti” song has been well choreographed. Balayya’s grace in dance will be a treat for fans. The best dance number from Balayya in recent times.

– Balayya moves to Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu with a year old baby boy.

– Jai Simha show started with an emotional hospital scene on Nayanthara missing her baby, followed by “Anaganaga Anaganaga” song on Balayya and the baby. Simple and quiet intro for Balayya without any overdose of heroism.

Preview: Jai Simha

Balakrishna might be the only hero who keeps delivering movies consistently irrespective of the fate of his films at the box-office. Sometimes, even the low-rated movie turns out to be a profitable venture given to the craze he enjoys among mass audiences.

Jai Simha‘ is coming with very low expectations as the teaser and the trailer for the movie had promised nothing special except for an outdated story and angry Balayya. The director of the movie, KS Ravi Kumar came up with an old-fashioned and Tamil flavoured content in the promotional material.

Nevertheless, it set us thinking if Ravi Kumar came up with an interesting twist in this movie that made Balayya accept the movie. Nayantara has proved a hit combination with Balayya and hence, she is a positive factor for ‘Jai Simha’.

Songs are a bit different for a typical Balayya’s movie. Here, the disaster talk on Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ might help ‘Jai Simha’ only if it opens well as this is a good choice for B & C centres. A few hours wait will tell us if Balayya could bank on PK’s failure. Stay tuned for our Jai Simha review.