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Yes..it’s a Jaffa movie!



Brahmanandam Jaffa review
What is  “Jaffa” about?
Jaffa (Brahmanandham) is a software engineer who undergoes all sorts of tensions at work. Things turn worse from bad due to a guy named Sujith (Dhanraj) . As a result he is wrongly convicted and sent to jail called Kavadiguda. And the rest of the movie is about the changes that happen in his life and his attempts to escape from jail.

Brahmi jaffa review

How is Brahmanandam?
Brahmanandam is one actor who commands the popularity equal to that of any star hero in Telugu. He was greeted to claps and whistles every now and then. He carried the entire movie on his shoulders with his excellent comedy timing and histrionics

Vennela Kishore Jaffa  movie review

How is Vennela Kishore direction?
Pathetic… Horrible…indigestible.. I can not search for any more words. He is the main culprit behind the movie debacle. There is absolutely nothing which he did on screen. The narration is bad (though linear), the screenplay is worse and direction is worst of all. Probably Kishore should do the things which he is best at.

Aali Jaffa  movie review
What about Ali and others ?
Vennela Kishore is good as a Jailor. Ali comes in as investigating officer but failed to make a mark due to bad characterization. The movie has a pool of comedians like Dhan Raj, Venu, Venu Madhav, Raghu Babu, Fish Venkat who are all underused by the director.

Sunil Kashyap- Jaffa-Review
How is Music, Songs and Dances &other departments?
Anup Rubens back ground score is okay. Canon 5D is very much abused in the movie with the output looking very substandard. Kotagiri’s editing could have been a lot better.

Brahmanandam Jaffa  movie review
1. Brahmi’s acting prowess
2. Very Few scenes and dialogues

Jaffa review
Any Drawbacks?
1. All departments of Vennela Kishore
2. Very bad second half.

Brahmy jaffa review
What about its box office prospects?
The first half of the movie is passable with Brahmi doing very good job. Things go haywire in the second half with director losing track of all the resources in hand. Several confusions ( due to illogical scenes and too many liberties) creep in to the minds of viewers and do not allow him to enjoy it

Did I enjoy it?

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