Jadoogadu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
dazed and confused


“A” Certified, 149 Mins.

Naga Shourya Jadoogadu ReviewWhat is the film about?
There is so much happening that it is really difficult to pin down what the film is about in simple terms. The basic idea here is that hardworking today is not what it meant back in the day, it’s all about using the brain to score the maximum. Hero follows this idea and does everything with that frame of mind. Where it all ends up is eventually what the film is all about.

How is Naga Shourya’s performance?
The actor is clearly enjoying every moment in the film and this positivity makes us initially invest in the character that he portrays. However the one dimensional act till the end gets tiresome as we lose interest both in him and in the film as we move towards the end.

Yogesh Jadoogadu ReviewDirection By Yogesh?
The director has chosen an interesting theme but the execution is far from satisfactory in an overall narrative sense. The film is executed engagingly in parts but they don’t come together as a whole. Take the two instances where first hero is beaten when he goes for recovery and second one where he actually recovers the money. While both scenes are individually shot and executed well, as a narrative they fail to engage wholly. This is in short the problem with entire film which is filled with such well executed individual scenes. The direction is good but he need to work on the screenplay big time.

Sonarika Jadoogadu ReviewHeroine and other artists?
Sonarika is another Television artist who made silver screen debut in Telugu. She has an appeal that lies in her baby-ish face and voluptuous body. Beyond these looks which is sure to appeal to a section, there is nothing else working for her. Zakir play an interesting character and manages to leave a mark with his performance. Kota Srinivas Rao is dependable as usual. Ajay at points is superb and steals show from everyone. Unfortunately its short lived and he is back to his usual ways. Srinivas Reddy is hoot in initial reels until his character goes for a toss. Prudhvi delivers once again. Others even in small parts are fine.

Sagar Mahathi Jadoogadu ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music given by debutant Sagar Mahati, son of Mani Sharma is pretty average. It is with the background score that he reminds of his illustrious father. It means he did a good job with it. Editing is not good. Cinematography is very good considering the production scale of the film. Dialogues are good at best with few one liners standing out.

Highlights Jadoogadu ReviewHighlights?
Basic theme of the film

Poor screenplay
Love track

Drawbacks Jadoogadu ReviewAlternative take:
Removing the love track would have made for a sharper and effective film.

Did I enjoy it?

In bits and pieces

Will you recommend it?

Not theatrically, may be sometime on a dvd

Jadoogadu Review by Siddhartha