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A Soulful Recreation


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 30 mins

What Is the Film About?
K Rama Chandra (Sharwanand) is a travel photographer who is lost in his life. There is unhappiness despite all the achievement. The reason for that is Jaanu, aka Janaki Devi (Samantha). What happens when they accidentally meet after decades through a reunion arranged by the friends?

Jaanu Movie Review, US Premier Live UpdatesHow Is Sharwanand’s Performance?
Sharwanand is making unique and interest choices, film after film. Jaanu is another addition to the versatile repertoire. The actor lives in the role of K Rama Chandra. Right from the opening song, a tinge of sadness is present is carried throughout. The extent of childlike innocence seen in the original might be missing here a little bit, but on all other areas, Sharwanand comes across as an apt choice. The role of K Rama Chandra is another value-addition to his career.

Jaanu Movie Review, US Premier Live UpdatesDirection by C. Prem Kumar?
C Prem Kumar, the director of the original 96 handles the remake Jaanu as well. We have said it umpteen times before when the story of the movie is simple, the screenplay, performances and writing have to be top-notch to make the whole thing work without boredom, and predictability. Jaanu is a perfect example of a movie which gets those things right.

Jaanu is a faithful and sincere adaptation of the original 96. To many of the movie lovers, the kick of watching a classic for the first time would be a significant deterrent in enjoying the remake. Also, there will be a pre-conceived notion in our mind regarding the characters and performances. When a movie is a remake to the degree as Jaanu, they bring down the impact few notches down, as a result. We can see that happening here, as well.

Leaving out the remake aspect and looking at the movie for what it is and what it offers, Jaanu is an engaging fare from start to the end. The pace of the film is slow, which would be an issue with the first time viewers or audience who like the commercial flicks to be racy. Jaanu is not that kind of attempt.

The movie starts with a lost and unhappy Rama Chandra and ends with him storing memories of a lifetime to make him happy. This arc is beautifully showcased in Jaanu and is what the movie is all about.

The director neatly explores the cause and effect of the pain in the lives of Jaanu and Rama Chandra, form the thread on which the narrative takes shape. It starts from childhood and continues in the intermediate – the unrequited love is what causes the pain. C Prem Kumar takes time in establishing the relationship at that young age. It appears slow, but its impact is felt towards the interval when we get the right emotional high. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

The strong foundation also helps in adding layers to the story in the second half, where the entire proceedings happen in a night. Usually, one would be bored to death with such a narrative. But, the emotional connect that C Prem Kumar manages through the earlier sequences help the proceedings sail through. The writing and neat performances further add to the impact.

The first time viewer can also feel a visible tension as the narrative moves towards the end. The unexpected climax would take them by surprise, which will be missing for others, who have seen the original.

Overall, Jaanu by default has the same set of problems the original had as it is a faithful recreation. The feel and impact of the original would be less or missing to those who have already seen it. In short, it won’t be a classic. Others, who have no clue on what’s in store, are in for a treat within the love story space. In other words, they might feel it as a classic. If you love ‘love stories’ give Jaanu a try.

Jaanu Movie Review, US Premier Live UpdatesSamantha and Others?
The remake is a winner in casting departments. The makers have got their choices spot on. The pair of Shrwanand and Samantha looks perfect and carries all the heavyweight stuff. Samantha is terrific as usual, but to say it is her career-best act might be an overstatement. She is slowly reaching a stage, through her unique and intriguing choices, where she has total command over her craft. Right from the small pauses to stares, everything seems so well thought out.

Apart from the lead pair, there are not many other artists in the movies. The younger couple in the flashback and their adult versions are also selected well and do their job in a very natural and far away from the usual cinematic way.

Govind-VasanthaMusic and Other Departments?
Govind Vasantha shot to fame with the soundtrack of the original. He has repeated the same stuff for the remake as well long with a few original numbers. They are all good. The background score is the killer deal here. It is sensational and helps in generating ample feel. The cinematography is excellent. It helps in adding to the emotions visually. The editing is neat and straightforward. The writing was the most worrying factor in the remake. Sometimes what worked in the ‘original’ fail when trying to translate as it is, it is not the case here.

Lead Pair Casting and Performance
Music And BGM

Slow Pace
Drags A Little At Times
Predictability In Places

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For a remake that is intended to be done sincerely and faithfully, Jaanu is the right case study.

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Jaanu Review by Siddartha Toleti

Jaanu Movie Review, US Premier Live Updates

Final Report:

The second half of Jaanu also maintains the same tempo with Samantha joining in the drama, along with Sharwanand. Together with C Prem Kumar, the remake is in safe hands.

The remake has got its casting right, and that is half job done. The rest is taken care by C Prem Kumar, who recreates the soul of the original, faithfully. It also means the problems (pacing and occasional dragging) resurface here as well, but overall feel compensates for it. Watch out for our honest review coming very soon.

– Jaanu comes to an end on an emotional note. Final report shortly.

– Ram and Jaanu reminiscing their school days love.

– Jaanu second half started. Ram and Jaanu get to spend time together after 17 years. Jaanu has a morning flight to Singapore.

First Half Report:

Comparisons aside, Jaanu first half is decent, albeit a frame to frame recreation of the original 96.

For a first time viewer, the slow pace is a bummer. Still, the first half of the movie is decent with emotions intact, especially the interval block.

Sharwanand stands out so far. It is all up to the key second half to carry the emotional momentum and connection.

– Jaanu (Sam) has an early morning flight to Singapore. Interval.

– Janaki aka Jaanu (Samantha) comes from Singapore to join the reunion function. The story shifts to high school flashback again.

– Ram’s (Sharwa) school reunion is happening, Jaanu was invited. Flashback time.

– Ram (Sharwa) visits his school and gets nostalgic, goes down the memory lane.

– Jaanu started with Sharwanand’s wildlife photography song.

– Jaanu movie started, streaming partner Amazon Prime.

Jaanu movie US Premier Live Updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

Jaanu is the Official Telugu Remake of Tamil Superhit, 96 starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha. 96 is considered a classic in Tamil and so it is a challenge to make the movie in Tamil. The performances of Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha are regarded as one of the best in recent times. Dil Raju who was supposed to release the dubbed version of the film held it up at the last minute and decided to remake it.

It is a challenge to choose Sharwanand and Samantha in the roles of Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha but the team is confident that they have managed to recreate the magic. Director and Music Director of the Original, C Prem Kumar and Govind Vasantha were retained for the Remake as well.

Jaanu is releasing on 7th February and the Overseas Premieres will be on from a few hours from now. It has to be seen how the movie fares since it is releasing in February which is usually considered a dull period for films. As much as 21 Crore is riding on the film’s Pre-Release Business. Here are the Live Updates of Jaanu from the Premieres in the USA.