IIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review


Logicless and Patience Testing Thriller



What Is the Film About?

Krishnamurthy (Prudhvi Dandamudi) is a student of IIT-B who comes to Hyderabad in search of his missing uncle. Police close the case citing a cremated unidentified body. But Krishnamurthy suspects foul play in the death after he gets warned and attacked. The case leads to another case of big company fraud. How are they linked? What happens to Krishnamurthy’s Uncle finally? forms the rest.

How Is Performance?

To start with, Prudhvi Dandamudi – the hero of the film has decent looks. However, the good things about him end there. He does not have the screen presence to create the natural aura that exists in a hero. His body language is not at all confident and drooping shoulders disturb the proceedings. At most places, he struggled even to emote. The facial expressions are blank and the voice is so feeble. We get a feeling that he is reading out the dialogues.

Direction by Sree Vardhan?

Whenever we start looking into a director’s work. We see two things – Intent and Execution. Selecting a good subject is the intent and the execution is all about narrating it appealingly to the audience. The movie can be divided into two parts – the first 95 minutes and the last 15 minutes. The 95 minutes is all about the case of Krishnamurthy’s uncle and the events that follow.

The story starts on a slow note. We can not connect to the proceedings due to the hero who struggles to convey the purpose. Then, there is a police officer who plays a central character. The writing is so bad there, we barely feel he is interested in the case or is doing something about it. The hero-heroine track is so irrelevant that it should be mercilessly chopped. The only relief in the first half is Comedian Satya’s comedy track for a very short duration.

There are several scenes where there is no minimum logic involved. The police do not even inquire about the missing person’s background. The warning calls to the hero and the ACP sounds silly by any yardstick. The heroine is dropped out of nowhere and she does not even make an attempt to find why the hero comes to Hyderabad and what he does there. There is a huge list of errors on those lines.

Things move a bit better in the second half. Things moving in the sense the story moves forward but the problems still persist. We could not connect to the hero and there are several logical errors. The IT Raid episode and the case that is made of it looks like a big joke. You just could not understand how ridiculous the idea is! The last fifteen minutes i.e., the twist part is a bit interesting. That is not something which will take the audience by surprise but that should be fine. But the audience is already exhausted by that time and it barely makes any difference to the viewing experience. Finally, IIT Krishnamurthy is a bland recipe that is difficult even for a Digital watch.

Maira Doshi and Others?

Maira Doshi is like she exists because the team wanted a heroine. Her portions and songs do not good for the narrative. Maybe removing the entire track would have made the film less strenuous.

Vinay Varma who played the ACP stands alone in this disaster. He performed well but then bad writing let him down. His character needs a badass cop touch and also sparks during the investigation. But there is nothing as such. Satya’s comedy works here and there, but he gets minimal screen time. Banarjee is the only recognizable or relevant character among the others. That is another poorly-written character in which he is like how he is always.

Music and Other Departments?

Naresh Kumaran has disappointed with the songs. Firstly, the movies do not need songs and except for a situational song, ‘Samayam Jaripe’ which has got good lyrics, the rest are all not worth mentioning. There are a couple of good background score tracks that keep coming repeatedly. Due to the repetition, they lose their sheen as well. The camera work is okay and editing is fine. Due to the writing errors, even the 110 minutes film feels lengthy. The production values are good despite the movie being a small film.


The twist at the end


Love Track
Bad Writing
Screenplay and Direction
Logical Blunders

Alternative Take

The ninety five minutes of the 110-minute film needs a complete re-haul with a hero who can decently perform. The heroine track should be completely removed and there should be some better senses prevailing to make the film logical. The director needs to change or get himself brushed further.

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IIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review by Siddartha