Idi Naa Love Story Review -Falls Flat And Hard

Idhi Naa Love Story ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Falls Flat And Hard


‘U/A’, Certified, 2 hrs 12 mins.

TarunWhat Is the Film About?
Abhi (Tarun) meets Shruti (Ovia) due to the insistence of sister. He instantly falls in love with her. Later he realizes that her real name is Abhinaya (Ovia). Why is Abhinaya at Shruti’s place and what is her truth is what the film is all about?

How Is Taruns’s Performance?
Tarun is a good actor with charming screen presence, especially when we are talking about love stories. It can be seen in Idi Na Love story very well. But he has aged, and that shows. It makes much of the progress partially unbelievable. Apart from minor grievances in the looks department, there is nothing to complain. Tarun does his best, but the script offers him nothing fresh.

DIRECTOR Ramesh GopiDirection by Ramesh Gopi?
The problem with the film is not the story instead it is the screenplay. It is highly predictable, and these days we see numerous short films being made featuring such love scenes. They (love stories for big screen) have to be something special making wise or chemistry wise to keep the audience engaged for the duration of two hours and that too with just two actors talking to each other. Idi Naa Love story lacks big time in that aspect.

The love scenes in both the halves lack a unique quality. It doesn’t mean there is no fun, it has few, but that is also mostly due to the corny writing which is funny, and the actors who go through all that with a straight face yet give an impression of knowledge of underneath silliness. It is silly to the core and that is reason for some funny moments.

Apart from those, “intended or unintentional” silly moments Idi Naa Prema Katha lacks grip and emotion to make the climax work. The climax needed to work for the entire film to have an emotional resonance, but it is weak and flat and on top of those highly predictable.

Overall, due to weak climax and lack of chemistry or emotions for a love story, Idi Naa Love story fails to connect. There are few funny moments, but that isn’t enough for a theatrical visit. What makes matters worse is the movie coming off films like Chalo and Tholi Prema, which are much enjoyable and entertaining in the same genre.

Oviya-HelenOviya Helen and Others?
The entire movie runs on two characters conversation, so performance wise we have only Oviya to talk about besides hero. She is alright for few scenes, but on the whole, lacks the spark to make a screenplay like Idi Naa Love Story work. Few other actors are present but only in flashes.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?
Srinath Vijay’s music is passable. There is a strong emphasis on melody, but freshness is missing. The cinematography is neat in few parts. The editing is alright. Much has been already said about the dialogues above.

Interesting basic point
Some fun moments

Gets repetitive
Zero chemistry
Weak direction

KhayyumAlternative Take
If it’s the same storyline definitely the writing has to be at the top level and then a different heroine.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?

Idi Naa Love Story Review by Siddartha

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