Iddarammayilatho Review


Another disappointment from Puri.

137 Minutes – ‘U/A’


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What is “iddarammayilatho” about?
Catherine (Akanksha) is a daughter of central minister Rao Ramesh. She goes to Spain for higher studies and rents a house. There she finds a diary written by Amala Paul (Komali). The diary reveals the romantic love story between Amala Paual and guitarist Allu Arjun (Sanju Reddy). On the other side there is a background story track between Catherine and Allu Arjun. At one time a twist about Amala Paul gets revealed. What is it and other incidents followed forms the rest of the plot.

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How is Bunny in the movie?
This is an other stylish film from Allu Arjun. Bunny has taken utmost care in costumes and styling. Allu Arjun has delivered a solid performance backed by some decent dances but those who expect Bunny style dances will get disappointed. Puri has tried a new fight master Kicha for this movie and he had tried some Chinese style of fights for this film which may not go well with regular mass movie lovers.

How is Puri Jagan direction?
Off late Puri is taking good subjects for his movies but he is failing to execute them well. Same is the case of Iddarammayilatho. Unlike his usual style of depending on peculiar hero’s characterization and dialogue delivery he tried a different kind of approach in this movie. But the at the end it turned out as a product which is not at all expected from Puri. First half of the movie is okay with comedy between Allu Arjun, Amala Paul and Brahmi. Puri had failed totally in second half with story getting slow paced and predictable.

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What about Amala Paul, Catherine, Brahmi and others ?
Amala Paul delivered a decent performance as Brahmin girl. On the other side, though Catherine Tresa is very good looking she looked more like a next door college girl than a regular main stream heroine. Brahmanandam as Fiddle Brahma, Ali as Psycho took up the responsibility of comedy track. Comedy between Brahmi, Amala Paula and Allu Arjun in first half worked out well. Other track between Brahmi and Ali is a sheer torture. Shawar Ali as villain and Subbaraju as his brother are just Ok.

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How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
Dances in two songs in the movie are good if not great. Rest of the songs are just Ok. Dances of Allu Arjun will be a big disappointment for his fans as they do not meet the high standards set by the actor. Amol Rathod’s Cinematography is very good. Background score is just okay.

– Allu Arjun’s stylish looks.
– Dances in ‘Run Run’ and ‘Top Lechipoddi’ songs.

Any Drawbacks?
– Comedy track between Ali and Brahmanandam.
– The usual usp of Puri is missing.
– Second half.

This & That

– Bunny danced for two Chiru song bits. Gang Leader title song and Shankar Dada MBBS title song.
– In a scene where Catherine proposes Bunny, Black guy hits him on his head with a bottle but it doesn’t hurt him at all!!
– Ali’s hair style is unbearable.

What about its box office prospects?
This is not a kind of movie which we expect from an energetic combination of Puri and Allu Arjun. The usual entertainment quotient which is expected in Allu Arjun’s movie is missing. We will have to see how the audience will receive the movie at the box office.

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Did I enjoy it?
Partly Yes.

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