Review – Very Routine But Fun In Parts

Hushaaru Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Very Routine But Fun In Parts


‘A’ Certified.

Hushaaru Review, Hushaaru Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film Husharu About?
The trials and tribulations of a gang of friends from school days until the settlement. What is the lesson they learnt at the end is what the movie is all about?

How Is Teju’s Performance?
Tejus Kancherla gets the led sort of character among the multiple actor casts. He has that quality, and the character design too helps, but Tejus never takes it to the next level. In the end, he remains one among the others, which in a way works to the movie’s advantage, but standing out as the hero wouldn’t have hurt the narrative either. Certainly, not Tejus.

Hushaaru Review, Hushaaru Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Sree Harsha Konuganti?
Husharu has a very old and predictable plot. Director Sree Harsha Kanuganti tries to spice up the predictable proceedings with adulterated humour and jokes. There is also an idea to keep things real. It is Pellichupulu kind of movie meeting Boys. In short, Sree Harsha has a decent vision to keep things engaging knowing the predictability on offer otherwise.

Good news for Sree Harsha is the comedy and camaraderie works. The bad news is the inconsistent blend of emotions and an incoherent screenplay that makes the proceedings dull despite the entertainment on offer.

The subplots involving a couple of characters are not smoothly integrated into the narrative. Whenever the track shifts there is a feeling of an abrupt change in tone from comedy to drama and in various other ways. The second half especially feels stretched a lot due to this issue. The fun parts feel like coming after bigger gaps. A proper crescendo of emotions would have elevated even the predictable premise.

On the whole, Husharu has its moments that are funny, but the inconsistent narrative and predictable drama kill the fun.

Hushaaru Review, Hushaaru Movie Review, RatingsDaksha Nagarkar and Others?
Tej Kurrapati, Abhinav Chunchu, Dinesh Tej are the other male leads apart from Tejus. They all have been given different characterisations that make them stand out individually. Their qualities, more than the performances are well done. Tej is superb in a few comic moments along with Dinesh with whom he has shared more screen space. Abhinav works well in few scenes towards the interval.

Among the ladies, Daksha Nagarkar and Priya Vadlamani none have a significant role apart from acting as the love interest of the respective male leads. The few moments they do have are clichéd one’s and feel irritating. Rahul Ramakrishna who arrives at a crucial moment in the second half is a scene stealer and entirely sidetracks the plot for a brief period. The rest are neatly cast for the parts.

Hushaaru Review, Hushaaru Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Music and background score is a major highlight of the movie. Radhan and Sunny MR have done superb work. Many simple scenes are elevated due to the effort in the bgm. The cinematography is alright. The editing could have been better. There are many scenes which end and begins abruptly. The writing is decent for the terrain.

Hushaaru Movie ReviewHighlights?
Songs & BGM
Pre-interval block
Rahul Ramakrishna’s few moments

Weak Story
Predictable drama
Inconsistent narrative

Hushaaru Review, Hushaaru Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
Director Shankar’s Boys that came more than and a decade ago and many other films of the same time made back then and before.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservations

Husharu Review by Siddartha

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