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Dull Thriller With a Decent Ending


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 12m

Sudheer_Babu_Hunt_Movie_ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu) is on the verge of solving a major case involving his friend Aryan Dev’s (Bharath) death before he suffers an accident. It leads to partial memory loss.

Mohan Bhargav (Sreekanth), who, along with Arjun and Aryan, are known as Mumbai Trio, gets Arjun back on the case immediately after his recovery. Did he find the killer? Finding him out is the movie’s core plot.

Sudheer Babu gets a challenging role in Hunt. While on the surface, it looks like a regular cop part; a lot is going on internally. He has done decently when seen in total. 

The role offers two shades to Sudheer Babu. There is the usual aggressive cop act with attitude, and the other version is a soft and composed guy going through the job clinically. Both require certain intensity, and Sudheer Babu has been able to get to the mark in parts. He has done the calmer guy portions well compared to the aggressive ones, where it looks like he is trying hard. The latter doesn’t look that natural. 

Eventually, Hunt, due to the characterisation and effort, will find a place among the top efforts from Sudheer Babu, without any doubt. However, he hasn’t gotten to the part’s full potential.

Mahesh Surapaneni of Kathalo Rajakumari fame directs Hunt. It is a remake of the Malayalam thriller Mumbai police. 

The story is good, and one is hooked to it right from the start. But, the direction fails to deliver when it comes to an engaging narrative. 

The proceedings move at a lethargic pace and never manage to engage. The different incidents happen one after the other without any sense of involvement. The narrative moves back and forth between the past and present doesn’t help the cause further. 

The lack of involvement and the story moving from big red herring to the other makes one entirely disconnected from the proceedings. The action blocks make things more tiring than adding some excitement. The interval bang, too, is ordinary, making one sceptical of the second half. 

The fear comes true when the second half commences. But, as the story proceeds and things start to fall into place, the narrative manages to hold attention. The different chapters seen previously concluding one by one bring back the lost attention. 

The real drama and twist in the tale appear during the pre-climax and climax. If one is patient, it will definitely take one by surprise. The question, though, is, can one stay that long? The disengagement makes the movie feel tiring and boring until the final punch arrives. 

Coming to the end and the twist is sure to leave one divided. It is valid for those who haven’t heard about the original or seen it. The ones who watch it for the first time are likely to have divided opinions. 

Overall, Hunt is a thriller cum drama that is boringly executed. It lacks the life to engage one, barring the culmination, which offers an unexpected twist. If you like thrillers and have oodles of patience, give it a try, but have the expectations firmly under check.

Srikanth_Hunt_Movie_ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Apart from Sudheer Babu, Srikanth and Bharath have critical roles in the movie. Srikanth has done his part sincerely, and so do Bharath. However, Srikanth doesn’t have any drama on his part and comes across as pretty standard fare. Bharath has a couple of moments to highlight his emotional side. He does well, but even they aren’t memorable or make him stand out. The rest of the cast, which includes a few female character artists, have bits and pieces roles. They are adequate but nothing impressive.

Music and Other Departments?
Ghibran provides music for the film. Barring an item song, there are no songs in the movie. The ‘item number’ is instantly forgettable making one wonder if it is composed by him. The background score is better, and some moments are neatly done. They give the proper build-up, but the rest feels generic.

Arul Vincent’s cinematography is alright. The editing also could have been better, especially during the first half. There is an uneven feel to the proceedings. The writing is acceptable considering the theme, and the key moments are neatly written.

Sudheer Babu

Boring Narrative
Weak Direction

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations

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