Horahori Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Jayam redux


“U/A” Certificate, 160 mins.

Dileep Horahori Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Hora Hori is a love story between a weak Scandha (Dileep) and mentally weak Mythili (Daksha ) and powerful but weak at heart Basava (Chaswa ). What happens in the end, which we all know is what the film is all about.

How is Dileep’s performance?
Dileep plays a typical weak hero that is seen in most of Teja’s films. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the required charm to pull off the role. The character instead of endearing and attracting the empathy of the audience comes across as complete wuss due to the acting. In the end when the character ‘typically’ becomes the winner neither is that effect properly conveyed.

Director Teja Horahori Movie ReviewDirection By Teja?
One feels bad for director Teja looking at the film. The film has superb visuals, very good background score and neat placement of songs along with extraction of performances. This is more than what we see generally with many directors in Telugu cinema and in terms of technicality he is still pretty good.

But the real problem is the subjects he has been choosing and the way he is going about executing them. These things are exactly opposite to his technical side and come across as outdated. In Hora Hori for example let’s take the climax, he has redone, literally shot by shot, one of his earlier films and yet the latest sequence fails to make the impact. Forget making an impact it evokes an unintentional chuckle from the audience. And this is the overall problem with the film and the direction, it gives that outdated vibe. Yes emotions are universal and one can reuse the same thing any number of times but it also comes with a prerequisite that it be done in such a way that shadows of the past are not cast on it. All we see is those shadows with Teja and it drowns all the efforts he puts in.

Daksha Horahori Movie ReviewDaksha and other artists?
The film is filled with newcomers and they all ‘look’ their part. Heroine Daksha has done decently but once again she lacks the charm and in most scenes she looks to be trying hard. Her dubbing further makes disconnect with the character and it makes her character look confused. It is Chaswa who has got a great crowd pleasing character in the film. If one ignores the Manoj Bajpayee hangover, he is fine overall. Seema as hyper active grandmother goes a way over the top. Other actors too have gone over the top but not in the same way. Abhiram as cop gives a one dimensional act. Racha Ravi is good in parts.

Kalyan Koduri Horahori Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music for the film provided by Kalyani Malik is decent. But the real deal here seems to the background score which is superb. Cinematography is another highlight of the film as it captures the raw village beauty very well. Dialogues are mixed bag. Choreography of songs is neat and so is the placement.

Highlights Horahori Movie ReviewHighlights?
Music and bgm
Technically slick
Couple of twists involving villain

Kitschy narration
Outdated plotting

Drawbacks Horahori Movie ReviewAlternative Take
This is so done to death plot by now that it doesn’t deserve another alternative take. But still given the characterizations in the film the corrupt cop and honest criminal angle could have been developed into a full-fledged film with the weak but pure at heart hero acting as the mirror between the two.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?

Horahori Movie Review by Siddhartha