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Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Review_Satya DevWhat Is the Film About?

Sadanand (Satyadev) is a Ph.D. student who is allergic to sound and works on a soundless engine project. Then, there is Sirisha (Priya Lal) who wants to do her Post Graduation in Violin. She avoids marriage fixed by her father and comes to Hyderabad. She had to share the flat with Sadanand unexpectedly and they embark on a journey of love without seeing each other staying on either side of a wall.

How Is Satyadev’s Performance?

Satyadev is a hero who is always at ease. He sleepwalks through any character and it is the case with this film as well. But then, we could not connect to his character due to the silly characterization. The concept of the sound allergy itself sounds silly and that is the basis of the entire film. Hence, the audience does not feel comfortable even though the actor is seen sincerely trying to uplift the mood. The film shooting is completed almost three years ago and the best part is Satyadev looks the same then and now which helps the film to avoid the ‘old film’ feeling.


Mohan Bammidi, a former associate of Ram Gopal Varma has directed the film. He is also the writer of the film. Writing and the direction are the two departments that have completely let down the film. So, he needs to blame himself for the mess.

Coming to the story, the concept of a Mechanical Engineer being lethargic to sound is silly. The actual reason for that allergy is even more silly. The story and the love track runs on the basis of that allergy. The wooden wall between a flat and the lead pair’s initial catfight and later, the love story from each side of the wall will drive the audience nuts.

The chemistry between the lead pair does not happen at any point. There are several comedians who keep coming and going into the story. Except for the Priyadarshi track to some remote extent, nothing works. The huge comedy cast is mercilessly wasted. We even get to feel for the producer who made every resource available for the director but only got let down. Towards the end, the breakup reason sounds too trivial and over-reactive. As if that is not enough, there is a love track of the heroine’s friend which seems totally irrelevant.

Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Review_PriyadarshiAs if that is not enough, there are more than 20+ minutes of film left from there testing the patience of the audience every second. If the movie released in theaters, we would have seen people not sitting even till then. We do not even need an average kind of sense to predict where the movie is going. Sitting 20 minutes from there is a herculean task. Things just go from bad to worse at that point. Finally, Guvva Gorinka is a silly subject combined with poor writing and routine treatment – precisely, a complete bore-fest that is even difficult for a digital watch.


Priya Lal looks pretty average in terms of looks. She did not look like a good match beside Satyadev. In the first half, she looked extremely out of place. Probably, due to bad writing. We may feel the heroine’s friend a better heroine material there. We get used to her towards the end of the first half and from there, she is like okay. However, she clearly struggled in the emotional sequences.

As said earlier, there is a huge cast in the comedy department. Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Bittiri Satti, Bhadram, Fish Venkat, and others. Priyadarshi is like works a few parts but is largely under-used. Fish Venkat is a total misfit for the role. Rahul Ramakrishna fails to impress in a poorly-written character. Bittiri Satti’s track is irritating and deserves to be cut from the film. Mangli appears in a cameo-like appearance which is more like a forgettable appearance. The rest of the characters do not even deserve a mention (It is not like those mentioned deserves that).

Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Review_Priyaa LalMusic and Other Departments?

Suresh Bobbili has come up with good tunes. A couple of songs have got good lyrics and vocals. But they could not create any impact as the story does not take the audience along with it. The producers have invested good money in the film and the technical values are decent as a result. Mailesan Rangaswamy’s camera work does not feel like it is a film of 2017. Even at a decent run time of Two hours, the film still feels lengthy. There are several episodes that escaped the scissors.



Suresh Bobbili’s Music


Bad Writing
Poor Direction
Silly Backdrop and Conflict Point
The Pre-Climax and the Climax

Alternative Take

The alternative take for such mishaps will be extremely difficult. It means the director going back to his scribble pad and change everything he wanted to make into a story. The story needs to be infused with lot of sense right from the silly sound allergy to the love track. That means changing everything. The easiest take is Satyadev giving a miss to such films.

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