Gunturodu-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Too Loud For Comfort


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 17 mins.

Manchu-ManojWhat is the film about?
Gunturodu is simply about Kanna (Manchu Manoj) and his unexpected feud with Seshu (Sampath). There is also simultaneously a love story happening with Amrutha (Pragya Jaiswal). How these two different plots get solved in the end is what the film is all about.

How is Manoj’s performance?
Manchu Manoj, after some gap, has put his best foot forward in terms of performance. He has great energy which goes out of control most of the time. Here in Gunturodu, he maintains a consistently high pitch loud performance that goes well with the overall tone of the film. if one finds this over acting and doesn’t connect with it, chances are that he would find the whole enterprise waste of time. He needs to check on his weight, though.

Gunturodu-Director-K-SatyaDirection By K Satya?
Director SK Sathya has a very outdated sort of story in his hand. It is wafer thin. For such movie to work the performances have to be excellent or screenplay has to be terrific. That is not the case with Gunturodu, he gets them right only in parts.

The action scenes, for example, are a major mainstay of the film. These actions scenes coupled with the confrontation scenes of hero and villain are the worthy bits of the movie with an outdated and clichéd plot. The first half of the movie is strictly okay with more concentration on entertainment than action. In the second half, there is more of hero and villain interaction which makes the routine proceedings bearable. The climax is a drag and predictable. Overall, for the action parts and confrontations, scenes, Gunturodu is a below average film.

Pragya-JaiswalPragya Jaiswal and others?
Pragya Jaiswal has very little to do in terms of performance. She is, in fact, absent for most time in the second half apart from the song sequences. Sathya, Praveen carry the comedy well. Rajendra Prasad is an asset as usual. Kota Srinivas Rao is superb. But the real highlight of the film is Sampath who plays a person with an aggressive attitude to the galleries. He lights up the screen whenever he is present. The rest don’t register much.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by DJ Vasanth is surprisingly decent. Background score is provided by Chinna and it is good. The cinematography is fine. Editing is alright. Action choreography is way over the top but it is fine as it is established right from the beginning.

Sampath-Manoj scenes

Weak story
Predictable screenplay
Second half

Sampath-RajAlternative Take
The maker here has attempted what one should attempt with done to death plots. An alternative take here would be another different set of combination of actors doing the same thing.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few scenes

Will you recommend it?
Only to hardcore action movie lovers

Gunturodu Review by Siddhartha Toleti