Guntur-Talkies-movie-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Silly B grade entertainer


‘A’ Certified-158 mins

Guntur-Talkies-ReviewWhat is the film about?
Naughty and criminal escapades of Giri ( Naresh ) and Hari ( Siddhu).

How is Siddhu’s performance?
Siddhu is fine for the role and carries it with relative ease. It’s a one dimensional part that lacks any depth and is written just for fun. Siddhu serves the purpose that’s it.

Guntur-Talkies-ReviewDirection By Praveen Sattaru?
Praveen Sattaru has made couple of engaging but unsuccessful films. This film looks like it’s done to achieve success and more effort is put on entertainment rather than a gripping narrative. There are no real high moments in the film and it chugs along at a neat pace with quirky characterization and situations. This is more in line with his second attempt as a director which was a neither here nor there kind of attempt.

Guntur-Talkies-ReviewRashmi Gautham, Shradha Das and other artist’s performance?
Both the heroines Rashmi Gautam and Shradha Das have interesting character names and that’s it about their roles. Apart from hero it’s Naresh who shines the most in this multi character narrative. He is superb. Mahesh Manjrekar is good but feels repetitive. Ravi Prakash is wasted. Fish Venkat is fine in limited appearance. Raghu Babu makes no impact where as Raja Ravindra shines.

movie reviewMusic and other departments?
Sricharan’s music is apt for the film and helps the narrative a lot. Cinematography is fine considering the low budget nature of the film. Editing is sharp. Dialogues are perfect for the chosen milieu.

Short duration

Feels pointless

Guntur-Talkies-ReviewAlternative Take
A better mix of adult humor with crime by giving police and don characters better mix.

Did I enjoy it?
Few situations

Will you recommend it?
To those who enjoy vulgar and irreverent humor

Guntur Talkies Review by Siddhartha