Goutham Nanda Review – Not Enough Racha

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Not Enough Racha


‘U/A’ Ceritified, 2 hrs 35 mins

GopichandWhat is the film about?
Goutham (Gopichand) and Nanda (Gopichand) swap places to know about life. What did they learn and what happens, in the end, is what the movie is all about?

How is Gopichand’s performance?
Gopichand looks fresh after a very long time. He has chosen another routine film. However, it still offers him scope for variation, and he manages that quite well. The difference between the two characters is shown well, and the arc of Nanda character is good. It could have created a bigger impact if it was present in an overall fresh package.

Director Sampath NandiDirection By Sampath Nandhi?
Director Sampath Nandi has made very handful number of films, but he has for sure created a unique place for him. He gets the mass in masala movies right even with very routine stories. Goutham Nanda is another example of that. But is that enough? Goutham Nanda proves why it’s not?

The movie right from the first frame is extremely predictable barring a couple of twists towards the end. But the director still manages to take us in the predictable route with small bumps. The problem here is not the bumps but the journey that is predictable and yet takes times to arrive. After a point, one feels itchy and uneasy and wants to get done with the journey as soon as possible. But the director takes it further.

Regarding, look and feel, Goutham Nanda is very close to the Racha, Sampath Nandi made with Ram Charan. Remember the ‘basti’ setting in the movie and the MS Narayana track and emotions? Now imagine it getting expanded to a whole film onto itself, that’s Goutham Nanda.

Goutham Nanda is a regular fare that gets tiring as the movie progress. Barring the small twists in the pre-climax, it sucks out the energy. Overall, it is a below average movie. It has honest intentions and good message but lacks the real spice, the “Racha” moments to keep the viewers engaged.

HansikaHansika and Others?
There are two heroines in the movie, and as usual, they don’t have much to do narrative and performance wise. On the glamor scale, Catherine Tresa shines. Hansika seems to be bored and just going through the process. Chandra Mohan gets a very predictable role that he has done countless times before. He does it once again with ease. Mukesh Rushi is okay. Sachin Khedekar and Ajay, are wasted. Vennela Kishore is alright. The rest are decent in the small characters given to them.

SS-Thaman-Shivalinga-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by SS Thaman is ordinary. It is the same with the background score as well which looks like a repeat of all the past stuff. The cinematography is superb. Editing is sharp. The choreography of songs is regular barring one number.

Couple of twists in Second Half

Predictable Outcome In the End
Gets Tiresome as it Progresses

Catherine-TressaAlternative Take
A self-realization of Nanda without resorting to the usual cliché and predictable ending would make for a far better alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, few dialogues and scenes

Will you recommend it?

Goutham Nanda Review by Siddartha Toleti

Goutham Nanda Movie Review, Gautam Nanda Movie Review, Gautham Nanda Review Ratings

US Premier update: Goutham Nanda is off to a slow start in US. It has collected $9,719 from the premiers, though movie had limited screens considering the count of locations it is still a low number.

– Final Report: Gautam Nanda has an interesting story line but revenge line written for villain Mukesh Rishi is very weak. Also, Goutham not being able to prove his identity to his own parents when Nanda tries to cheat him looked very unconvincing. Watch out for our frank review soon.

– Big twist: Nanda gets greedy for Gautam’s rich life and tries to kill Gautam.

– After Pooja Hegde’s Bikini show in her recen film, Catherine Tresa sports Bikini in Goutham Nanda.

– Bithiri Sathi’s comedy is okay, nothing great.

– Vennela Kishore appears in hero’s friend role with routine passable comedy role.

– First Half Report: Gautam Nanda has an average first half but the concept of rich Gautam and poor Nanda exchanging their roles for 30 days leaves second half to be more interesting. Let’s see.

– Nanda who is enjoying rich life at Gautam’s place escapes a murder attempt. Interval.

– Spoiler alert: Gautam bumps into Nanda (dual role). Nanda is a slum guy vexed with his poor life. Rich Gautam and poor Nanda decided to swap their roles for thirty days to experience what they have missed in their lives.

– Goutham who’s a spoiled rich kid leads a very reckless life. He is into parties, drinks, and drugs all the time. He encounters a question on his own identity and starts to find out life.

– Gopi Chand’s styling is good, he looks rejuvenated.

– Gopi Chand son of super rich father enjoying his life in a world tour.

– Title cards started with a special Thank you note to Chiranjeevi.

Goutham Nanda Live Updates begin at 6AM IST.

Preview: Goutham Nanda

‘Goutham Nanda’ has become like a ray of hope for hero Gopi Chand after neither interesting nor hit films in the recent past in his kitty. He slowed down immensely and it’s obvious that he needs a hit badly.

His ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ was shot five years ago and is still lying in the cans without getting a release date. ‘Oxygen’ shoot is over and this would come next, after ‘Goutham Nanda’. So, how will ‘Goutham Nanda’ help Gopi Chand?

The foremost winner is the look of the protagonist and an impressive teaser which worked wonders. The trailer was also interesting but didn’t match the level of the teaser. Nevertheless, both the teaser and the trailer were instrumental in getting a good hype for the movie.

Coming to the director, Sampath Nandi is known to be a slow filmmaker. He began with a small film which turned out to b a hit. ‘Rachcha’, though an average film fared well at the box-office and of course, we have ‘Bengal Tiger’ which proved his stamina as a director.

The way Sampath Nandi managed to get a fresh look for Gopi Chand and cut an interesting teaser shows his adeptness at attracting the audiences. The confidence in his words and the conviction in his actions gives an overall positive vibe for not only the director but also the film.

After the makeover for ‘Goutham Nanda‘, many started wondering why Gopi Chand wasted himself when he can so look awesome. We know, looks alone can’t make the magic happen. However, there is an overall feeling that this movie is going to be a different one for Gopi Chand when compared to all his previous movie.

Can we hope for a career best commercial hit from Sampath Nandi? Will Thaman bounce back with his BGM and music album? Didn’t Thaman slow down a bit, currently? There is one more important thing to mention. it is the producer.

Going by the visuals we have got to see, we can understand that the producers, J. Bhagavan and Pulla Rao didn’t go back in spending lavishly on the film. Will their confidence rain rich dividends? If ‘Goutham Nanda’ works well, it is going to be a game changer movie for the director and big respite for the hero.

It’s a matter of only a few more hours to know the fate of the film. Let’s wait for our full and comprehensive review on ‘Goutham Nanda’. We will be the first to post Goutham Nanda movie review on the web


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