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Gouravam Movie Review

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Gouravam review
What is  “Gouravam” about?
Arjun (Sirish) is a rich kid who comes to village in search of his friend Shankar. He comes to know that Shankar eloped with Rajeshwari, a girl of upper caste. And no body knows about their whereabouts. Disturbed by the plight of Shankar’s father (LB Sri Ram), Arjun decides to stay in the village and tries to investigate in to the matter. Later, he takes on the casteism in the village with the help of his friends and media. Will they find Shankar? Will they set right the problems in the village forms the rest.

Gouravam movie review-Allu Sirish
How is Allu Sirish?
Let us start with an appreciation. This guy should be commended for choosing an unconventional subject for his debut movie despite coming from a big family. But his efforts on screen do not score any good marks. He is totally clueless in emoting required emotions. And also struggled a lot in dances and fights. He still seemed an unfinished product.

Gouravam review-Radha mohan
How is Radha Mohan direction?
Radha Mohan as always came up with a intriguing subject. But he failed miserably in projecting it. Characterizations were not perfect some of them looked overboard and some looked totally under used. There are no scenes which establish the ill effects of casteism or the rivalry between the two groups. And like in his previous movies, the commercial elements are totally zero.

Gouravam movie review-Yami Gautham
What about Yami Gautam, LB Sri Ram, Prakash Raj and others ?
Yami Gautam looked beautiful and young. She has the fresh appeal but her character lacked any depth or connect to the story even though she stays through out the movie. LB Sri Ram is good as a worried father. Prakash Raj’s character is under used. But he is good as a worried father and a man who strives for his family respect. Brahmaji is okay and rest of them are good in their limited roles.

Gouravam review-SS thaman
How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
The two songs in the movie are really good and are embedded well in the story. The back ground score in some places is really good. There is very little scope for dances in the songs. Cinematography is okay and the camera man had to struggle to avoid close up shots of Sirish.

Gouravam movie review-Prakash Raj
1. Good Subject
2. Good back ground score
3. Yami Gautam’s looks

Gouravam review- L B Sriram
Any Drawbacks?
1. Allu Sirish
2. Weak Screenplay
3. Poor Characterizations

Gouravam movie review-Pavithra Lokesh
What about its box office prospects?
A very forgettable debut to Allu Sirish. Except for the intent, there is nothing good about the movie. Box office prospect is highly doubtable.

Did I enjoy it?


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