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Satya-Devi-Godse-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Several high-level Ministers are kidnapped one by one by an unknown person who is later revealed as Godse. Special Investigation Officer Vaishnavi is brought in as a negotiator between Godse and the government, who are trying to keep the whole thing a secret.

Who is Godse? Why did he kidnap the officials, and what are his demands? What truth Vaishnavi discovers is the movie’s basic plot.

Satya Dev is the lifeline of Godse. It might have been impossible to sit through the proceedings without him, given its utter predictable melodramatic moments. He has a touch of swag and the right intensity to carry the role. The powerful monologue echoes in our ears due to his intense act.

There are two shades to Satya Dev’s character. While he is supremely confident in one, he doesn’t look the other part. It is mainly due to the styling and presentation more than the acting, though. Overall, Godse is a good showreel for the potential intense performance the actor can do in future. The impact will purely depend on how well the movie actually turns out.

Aishwarya Lekshmi is adequate in playing the role of a negotiator. She carries off her part well. The scenes between her and Satya Dev are critical to the proceedings in the first half.

Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi directs Godse. He has previously made the movie Bluffmaster with Satya Dev in the lead. In Godse, he brings another intense and emotional subject for him.

Godse opens on an intriguing but predictable note of a hostage situation. A negotiator’s key character is neatly established, and we immediately know where it’s headed. And as expected, we get the face-to-face confrontation between the negotiator and the kidnapper.

If the proceedings and the screenplay bring intrigue, the actual content takes a predictable route. As more is revealed, the routineness also increases. Simultaneously, there are also silly moments in execution and writing that makes one unintentionally chuckle. Luckily they happen quickly, so there isn’t much damage.

The interval sequence is neatly done as there is a twist in the tale. Once again, it is the twist (screenplay-wise) that works, but when we look at the actual content, things are as clear as the sun.

Unfortunately, even that little bit of freshness is missing in the second half. The screenplay takes an utterly predictable turn without offering any respite. The entire flashback is a case in point. We have seen it many times before. All that one can say is that the actors have gone about the proceedings sincerely.

All through it are Satya Dev and his intense act that makes one remotely interested. He does the drama well and also carries the emotional baggage with it. One only wishes it were done in a new and impactful context.

The climax takes an over-the-top route to reach its logical end. The whole stretch is only a build-up to the powerful monologue that Satyadev delivers with aplomb.

Overall, Godse is a typical social message drama. But then, the good things about it ends there. The director mistreated it completely with a routine story and utter predictability. Satyadev shines but obviously can not be the reason to motivate you to go to the theaters.

Aishwarya-Lekshmi-Godse-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Apart from Satya Dev and Aishwarya Lekshmi, there are many known faces in supporting roles. We have the likes of Sijju, Prudhvi, Tanikella Bharani, Noel, Chaitanya Krishna, Priyadarshi etc. But, none have a proper role. The less said about the others, the better.

sunil-kashyapMusic and Other Departments?
Sandy Addanki and Sunil Kashyap (two songs) provide the music for the film. The songs come during the second half, and it feels as if they are too many at one point. A couple of them sound good, though. The background score is better in comparison.

Suresh S’s cinematography is decent. There is a slick look in parts (only) which lifts the overall ordinary quality. Sagar Undagandla’s editing should have been tight. The writing is okay overall, especially when delivering the message.

Satya Dev
Screenplay (In Parts)

Routine Story
Second Half
Lengthy Flashback

Alternative Take
Godse itself feels like an alternative take of a vigilante meets social message drama. As recently as Son Of India or as old as Sivaji, the subject has been done several times with varying results.

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