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‘U’Certified, 123 mins

Rana-Daggubati-as-Arjun-VarmaWhat is the film about?
The movie is about Naval warfare and how it fought a war underwater against PNS Ghazi, a submarine from Pakistan.

How is Rana’s performance?
The best thing about Rana is his body and the intensity he brings to the character. Add to it good Telugu diction, it covers all other potential flaws that one could have pointed out when he does a regular commercial outing. Here in Ghazi, he is absolutely perfect for the part. There is no high drama, it is just intense stares with occasional high-pitched dialogue delivery. Rana scores well on both those counts.

Director-Sankalp-ReddyDirection By Sankalp Reddy?
Sankalp Reddy makes his debut with the film but never does that comes across during the viewing. It looks like the film has been handled by a well-seasoned director. The thing with attempting something out of ordinary is one has to get the right screenplay and actors. When both are in tune, the narration becomes gripping automatically.

The Ghazi, the biggest victory of the director is putting a right cast together. They all gel well with each other and bring the required emotions to the fore as and when necessary. Even when there is not much happening in terms of story, these actors hold our attention. If there is a good screenplay in the mix, one has a sure shot winner in hand.

Ghazi’s plot is simple but the way the screenplay is constructed is what makes this a must watch. The way the whole submarine set up has been used in the screenplay deserved kudos. It is a perfect usage of the Naval warfare techniques and terminology that makes the film work. Never do we get a feeling of artificialness or pretentiousness. The first half of the film is fine but the real high moments are reserved for the second half. Overall Ghazi is a good watch barring the slow pace issue at times.

Taapsee-Pannu-as-AnanyaTaapsee and others?
Taapsee has nothing much to do in the film. She is on board the submarine but has nothing else to do performance wise. It is the other character actor’s that make the film worthwhile. Kay Kay Menon is terrific. He is a show stealer. Atul Kulkarni is good and he brings the necessary depth to the character that makes one instantly hooked to it. Satyadev is good. Kaushik is alright. Late Om Puri is seen in a very brief role. Same is the case with Nassar.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by K comprises of background score and it is terrific. Technically the movie is awesome with a slight problem in the VFX area. The cinematography is good and the editing is razor sharp. Dialogues are good. Set design of the submarine is terrific.

Second half

Probably too simple for its own good
Drags slightly in first half

Kay-Kay-Menon-as-Captain-Ranvijay-SinghAlternative Take
As it is one don’t get to see that many films in this category. So, not much to say here in terms of alternative presentation.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Ghazi Review by Siddhartha

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Final Report: As you might have already heard Ghazi is a rare film but does it deserve all the hype it’s getting? Watch out for our frank review.

– Undersea war attacks using torpedos shot quite effectively.
– Rana emoted extremely well in Captian death scene. Rana does a very good subtle act and just stares with anger look when it’s required without going any overboard. His confrontation scenes with Kay Kay Menon are the best examples of how as an actor Rana is evolved.
– Arjun Varma (Rana) takes over the Submarine after Captain gets killed.

First Half Report: Ghazi first half makes us get used to the life under water. So far it’s a three men show. Kay Kay Menon role was interesting. Rana’s character was very subtle. Atul Kulkarni is good. The cinematography is the major highlight so far. Overall it’s a good first half makes you prepared for upcoming war in the second half.

– Captain Kay Kay figures Paks’s target is Visakhapatnam.
– Dialogue: Yuddam ante pranalu arpinchdam kadu Shatruvu praanalu theeyadam.
– Submarine diving into the Sea shot extremely well.
– Rana and Kay Kay Menon have been assigned to ‘Operation Sea Side’ to decode Pak’s attack plan.
– Show started with Chiru’s voice over.

Ghazi collected $45 K from US premiers which is very low after all the buzz from special shows.

Preview: Ghazi

Rana Daggubatti is one hero who does not do films which include the regular dance and fight stuff. He has made a place for himself and is choosing subjects with utmost care.

One can also say that filmmakers are also choosing him for their scripts.
Within no time, he has become quite popular in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil at the same time. Whenever there is a Rana film coming out there is a huge excitement among the audience to find out what film is the lanky hero coming up with.

The same has happened yet again now as Rana is back with a unique film called Ghazi. Right from the time the project has gone on floors, it has always created a good buzz. Ghazi is an underwater war drama which deals with a submarine called Ghazi and how Indian naval officers fought hard staying under water to destroy it during the 1971 India-Pakistan war.

PVP cinema has now come up with the hard-hitting war film which has become the talk of the town. The film boasts of some senior artists like Om Puri, K K Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Taapsee Pannu doing crucial roles in the film.

The aggressive trailers have created a superb buzz for this film which is directed by Sankalp who is the brainchild behind this project. The makers have held some special shows of the film already and the critics have been raving about the film completely.

The film has a patriotic feel and everyone who have seen it have only good things to say about this film which is India’s first ever made underwater war drama. With so much praise coming in already from many quarters it would be interesting to see how this film performs when it releases.

Come back here and watch out for our exclusive Ghazi Movie Review review to find out the truth.

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