George Reddy Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE

Only for Few Bloody Good Moments


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 33 mins.

George Reddy Review, George Reddy Movie Review , RatingsWhat Is the Film About?

George Reddy (Sandeep Madhav), a brilliant student enters Osmania University but revolts against the disparities in the campus in the name of Caste, Religion, and Money. He stands by the oppressed and becomes their voice entering Student Politics. The rest is all about how George Reddy fought on various and how he is eliminated.

How Is Sandeep Madhav’s Performance?

Sandeep Madhav excelled in the role of George Reddy. He pulled off George Reddy’s character perfectly by following very little data available about him.

Critically, he should have done more in some areas but that is mostly due to poor-etching of his character.

George Reddy Review, George Reddy Movie Review , RatingsDirection by Jeevan Reddy?
Selecting a subject like George Reddy poses confusion. You have to strike a balance between what he actually stood for and how he did that.

The first part has various versions. People look at George Reddy from several points of view. So the director concentrated on the second part and tried to commercialize the heroism in George Reddy. But is George Reddy’s Story complete without showing what he stood for? No. The director failed here. There are several moments in the movie which are excellent but at the end of the day, a few good moments do not make a good film.

There is no strong motive and conflict point in the story. There are conflict points in George Reddy’s story but the director may have feared to put them across the table. When you see a man fighting for a cause that you do not see, you do not connect to the story. That is what exactly wrong with George Reddy. The Fire Ball fight, the Interval Speech, and the Blade Fight in the second half are superb and bring most of the worth the movie gets. The director rushed the things in the second half and everything happens in a hurry. The climax is also not effectively dealt with.

On the whole, George Reddy lives up to the hype only for a few moments and let down the audience with too much focus on those moments in the name of commercial elements. You may try it if you can sit through the film only for those moments.

George Reddy Review, George Reddy Movie Review , RatingsOthers?

There are numerous new actors and they bring the necessary raw and native vibe to the Period Story. Chaitanya Krishna and Satyadev are decent. The guys who played the characters of Lallan and Rajanna are good as well. The heroine is okay as well. The rest is okay in whatever they are offered.

George Reddy Review, George Reddy Movie Review , RatingsMusic and Other Departments?

The Music composed by Suresh Bobbili is terrific. The background score is the major highlight of the film and elevates several scenes. The songs are okay as well. Sudhakar Yakkanti did a terrific job with the camera work taking us to the time of the story. The Production design of Osmania University is authentic. The editing looks patchy probably there movie has got several censor cuts. The writing should have been good but some of the dialogues worked very well.

George Reddy Review, George Reddy Movie Review , RatingsHighlights?

Background Score (BGM)
Sandeep Madhav’s Performance
Fire Ball Fight and Blade Fight
Some Dialogues


Poor Writing
Lack of Proper Motives and Conflicts
Boring Second Half
Rushed Climax

Alternative Take

Student Politics and the real issues which prompted a Gold Medalist resort to Violence should have been showcased well. Along with the creation of commercially viable content, the script should have been loyal to George Reddy’s Story.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes in Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Try if you can sit through only for a few bloody good moments

George Reddy Review by Siddartha Toleti